How reliable is your Cloud Fax vendor?


When it comes to faxing, change has become the new normal. As more and more people have 24/7 access to their information through mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and smart watches, paper is finding itself more and more antiquated. Yet fax is still alive and growing! What doesn’t change as much are complex processes and workflows that have many touchpoints – underlying methods, such as the universal fax protocol, are so embedded that it’s difficult if not impossible to extricate. And, faxes are still one of the few legal documents accepted outside of originals copies. Because of this reliance on fax, you need to make sure your fax vendor is reliable …

How advances in fax technology is helping healthcare


Fax technologies can integrate into electronic medical records (EMRs), where patient information can be sent to both the physician as well as to the EMR system. Most health care professionals know how to send a fax it is ubiquitous, the common denominator. If they know how to print from their EMR/Practice Management they can send a fax. Fax technology continues to be modernized and reshaped which is why it is such a resilient technology. With integrations to GE Centricity, Siemens, Epic, etc healthcare professionals can easily streamline their processes.   Whether sending a referral, prescription, or patient notes, fax works and while in transit is secure and a legal document with an …

2015 IT Survey and Contest

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