Focus on Healthcare

Throughout our 2015 IT Survey, it was clear that the healthcare industry has the greatest security concerns out of all the sectors surveyed. Our findings come less than a year after the FBI issued a warning that the healthcare industry lacked proper security infrastructure. With the Anthem security breach earlier this year, the industry showed that it has flaws and it needs to act now to prevent any additional data leaks. For healthcare companies looking to update their file synchronization and sharing tools, there were a few comments and key features that stood out as the industry is trying to become more secure. When asked to rank in order of …

Security is top of mind in our 2015 IT survey results

We reviewed all the responses to our 2015 IT Survey and one thing was abundantly clear: security is on everyone’s priority list this year. The survey confirmed what we already saw trending in the market with more than 70% of respondents saying security was the number one feature they looked for in file transfer while 73% rank security highest for their sync and share solution. The survey looked to understand the attitudes and behaviors around enterprise security and included respondents working in 13 industries. The findings showed three key things: Enterprises across industries, including healthcare, financial services, retail, computer hardware/software, and manufacturing have heightened security concerns The security of tools …

Top reasons for moving from CV to CV Plus

CV to CV plus

Biscom’s FAXCOM® fax software solutions integrate tightly with GE’s Centricity CPS/EMR solution. One of the most common applications of this integration is the automatic faxing (referrals) of new and refill prescription requests to pharmacies. The integration with Centricity requires our FAXCOM Clinical Version (CV) or FAXCOM CV Plus software and an intelligent fax board. To learn how you can upgrade your CV to CV Plus call us at 978-250-1800 or visit  

How reliable is your Cloud Fax vendor?


When it comes to faxing, change has become the new normal. As more and more people have 24/7 access to their information through mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and smart watches, paper is finding itself more and more antiquated. Yet fax is still alive and growing! What doesn’t change as much are complex processes and workflows that have many touchpoints – underlying methods, such as the universal fax protocol, are so embedded that it’s difficult if not impossible to extricate. And, faxes are still one of the few legal documents accepted outside of originals copies. Because of this reliance on fax, you need to make sure your fax vendor is reliable …