2015 IT Survey and Contest

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Why electronic fax makes sense with Epic Healthcare

HIPAA, HITECH, and meaningful use are typical reasons given for deploying electronic fax in healthcare organizations. Protecting confidential patient information is important and as we all know required. But how does electronic faxing improve the quality of patient care? It makes a lot of sense to use electronic fax to save time, money, and improve healthcare. It’s faster and easier to send faxes electronically to pharmacies as well as patient information to referring physician offices. The information gets faxed faster plus there’s no loose paper trail. Healthcare professional’s workload is reduced by eliminating the time of printing faxes and carrying to the fax machine. Faxing a prescription from Epic to …

User Authentication Primer for Managers


Information in many ways is the most powerful asset that companies acquire, retain, and use on a daily basis as they provide products and services to their customers. Intellectual property, customer information, personnel files, marketing research, financials, source code, product designs, and business plans are but a few of the kinds of data that keep a company running on a day-to-day basis. Making sure access to this valuable data is controlled and limited to those individuals who are authorized to view, change, or manage this information is critical to ensure that confidential assets are not exposed and accessed by the wrong person. In today’s world, many bad actors, from individuals …