Thursday, September 4, 2014

Time to Replace Your FTP Server

Join us for an informative webinar on Biscom SFT a managed file transfer solution that is easy for end users, secure, and still supports large file transfers.



Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Automate Electronic Faxes within SharePoint

Register for an educational live webinar on Microsoft SharePoint.

With Biscom’s Enterprise Fax software for SharePoint, organizations can:
- Automatically route incoming faxes as searchable PDF files into document libraries
- Extract information from the fax image such as bar code data and autopopulate document libraries
- Receive notification via email when a fax is delivered into SharePoint
- Send outbound faxes from document libraries with audit and tracking capabilities.




Getting the Most from Cloud Fax

Are you considering moving some or all of your production fax to the cloud? Join us for a 30 Minute Webinar on why to move to Biscom’s Hosted cloud fax solution.

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Increasing File Transfer Efficiency and Visibility at Excelerate Energy

Customer Use Case Study

Learn how Excelerate Energy increased file transfer efficiency and visibility with Biscom Secure File Transfer.  Join featured speaker Charlie Price, Manager of IT at Excelerate Energy for this informative webinar.

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Benefits of Virtualization and Fax Over IP

In this webinar we will explore:

- Faxing real-time over IP networks instead of traditional phone networks
- Leveraging the ease and flexibility of a VoIP (Voice over IP) network for your faxing
- Configuring and running a software-only fax server

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Are your fax documents meeting HIPAA regulations?

Health care organizations today face increasing pressure to ensure their documents are protected, both within the confines of their network as well as when those documents are shared externally.

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Introducing Verosync – Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing Solution

Verosync is a secure file synchronization system that IT can control and use to report on file sharing across the enterprise.  Not only are all files synced regardless of device but files are accessible from any web browser so your data is always available.

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Biscom’s FAXCOM Suite is an enterprise fax solution designed to manage your on-premises and cloud fax servers.  With FAXCOM Suite, you are able to effectively administer hundreds of fax servers and services, manage tens of thousands of fax numbers, and automate your business processes and workflows to maximize functionality and cost savings.

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Secure Email – Send Large Files – WITHOUT THE CLOUD!

Attend this product briefing and learn why over 100 law firms place their trust in Biscom’s on premise and private cloud technology to secure the exchange pf confidential client data.

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Charles County Government: Using Cloud Fax Technology to Streamline Operations

Join featured speaker Ty Fuqua, Network Services Manager at the Charles County Government for an informative webinar.  Learn how Charles County Government in Maryland earned top rankings for implementing a cloud based fax service.

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FIPS 140-2 – Understanding the Process and Benefits of Certification

FIPS expert Ward Rosenberry will provide insight into the process of FIPS 140-2 certification and unlock the puzzle of how to achieve successful compliance.

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Benefits of Virtual Fax Servers and Fax over IP

Learn about the benefits of both virtualizing your servers (including your fax server) and fax-over-IP.

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Secure Hosted Fax 

Learn how FEGS / AllSector have improved cost and productivity ROI using Secure Fax Hosting with FAXCOM Anywhere presented by Aaron Matatov, Field Operations Manager at AllSector.

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FTP or Secure File Transfer: What to use when?

Discussing the benefits and differentiators of FTP and Secure File Transfer in our efforts to help you make the right decision for your business.

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Five Things About Fax That You Should Know

Disproving the most common fax fallacies across industries such as yours.

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Cybercrime is endemic.  Protect your data.

Feature Speaker: Wayne Dunn, CTO and Senior VP of HarborOne Bank 

Wayne discusses strategies and best practices implemented at HarborOne to mitigate the risk of security breach and protect customer information.

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chug_14_imageBiscom will be attending CHUG 2014 Fall Conference in Palm Desert, California October 9 to October 11.


Feature On Demand Webinar

Benefits of Virtualization and Fax Over IP

In this webinar we explore, faxing real-time over IP networks instead of traditional phone networks, leveraging the ease and flexibility of a VoIP (Voice over IP) network for your faxing, and configuring and running a software-only fax server.

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