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We got Biscom SFT up and running literally in minutes, which saved us time and money in terms of installation and setup charges. Now, when clients send those ‘I-need-it-yesterday’ requests, we can respond immediately, without worrying about how many or what size files we send.”
– Bruce Bial, Firm Administrator/IT Director, Riemer & Braunstein LLP

Biscom’s Secure File Transfer solution provides a simple, intuitive method for sending and receiving large files via web-based, Microsoft Outlook, and mobile apps. Users can collaborate on documents in a secure workspace and organizations can replace older, insecure methods of file transfer such as FTP.

Send Files Securely With Biscom SFT

4 Steps to Sending Secure Files – click to view larger image

Top Reasons to Choose Biscom Secure File Transfer


  • FIPS 140-2 certified using AES 256-bit encryption
  • Robust three-tier security architecture


  • Self-service, file transfer for end users
  • Quickly, easily and safely share information globally without relying on IT support

IT Approved

  • RESTful APIs allow tight integration to your existing applications and workflows
  • Web-based clients, automation agents, Outlook add-ins, and mobile apps provide a comprehensive system to replace your FTP servers

Tracking & Reporting

  • Meet regulatory and compliance security auditing with transaction tracking
  • Provides more data to track and understand how information flows within your organization
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