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Biscom Secure File Transfer

The top reasons businesses invest in the Biscom Secure File Transfer solution

  • FIPS 140-2 certified using AES 256-bit encryption
  • Robust three-tier security architecture
  • Self-service, file transfer for end users
  • Quickly, easily and safely share information globally without relying on IT support
  • RESTful APIs allow tight integration to your existing applications and workflows
  • Web-based clients, automation agents, Outlook add-ins, and mobile apps provide a comprehensive
    system to replace your FTP servers
  • Meet regulatory and compliance security auditing with transaction tracking
  • Provides more data to track and understand how information flows within your organization


Four Steps to Deliver Files Securely


1. Create a new delivery in SFT

2. Address the delivery, upload files, and send an email notification to your recipients

3. Recipients receive and download their files

4. The sender receives a notification that the files have been downloaded

Secure File Transfer Outlook buttonThe Biscom Secure File Transfer Outlook Add-in integrates with Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 seamlessly, solving the email attachment issues with practically no changes to user behavior.

  • Drag and drop files into the message
  • Attach large files that exceed attachment size limits
  • Deploy globally through Group Policy
  • Integrate with Exchange’s Global Address List (GAL)

Features of the SFT Outlook add-in include:

  • Secure message
  • Policy-based triggers including keywords, file sizes, attachment types, file retention
  • File retention
  • Password protection
  • Delayed delivery and expiration
  • Return receipt and notification options


sft-web-main-menuBiscom’s web interface is clean, simple, and accessible through desktop and mobile browsers.

Administrators can configure the system, administer users, and customize the application.

Users can send and receive large and confidential files. Reporting is accessible through the web interface and can be exported to CSV for easier review.

Other features include:

  • Secure message creation
  • Unlimited file size support
  • Delivery expiration
  • Password protected files
  • PayPal integration for automatic payment
  • Checkpoint restart capabilities

Automation is critical for mass deliveries. Biscom AutoPost and AutoFetch utilities work with existing workflows to automate delivering and receiving files without any complex programming or in-depth integration.

AutoPost Scan multiple folders and upload files to pre-defined or programmatic recipients. All delivery parameters, including recipients, messages, notification options, and expiration, can be configured per folder.
AutoFetch AutoFetch is the complement to AutoPost, and is designed to automatically download any unread deliveries found in a user’s secure file transfer inbox.
Scheduling Both AutoPost and AutoFetch run on Windows operating systems, and are compatible with Windows Scheduler. Scheduling can be at regular intervals, specific dates and times of the week, or posting and fetching can be initiated on-demand.
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