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Fax for Healthcare

Biscom’s fax solutions for Healthcare provide a universal interface for the conversion and dissemination of information from all of your HIS platforms. Output from any application on any platform can be passed to Biscom’s fax technology for conversion. These documents can then automatically be emailed, faxed, printed or published to a secure web site. This end-to-end solution provides your healthcare organization the necessary tools to manage all of your information in a timely and secure manner.


Meds prescribed by physicians and ordered from the pharmacy by fax can easily be received through the FAXCOM server and routed to a work queue to be accessed online by the pharmacist. Orders can be viewed on the screen while the information is entered into your third party pharmacy application. All orders can be easily indexed and archived. The FAXCOM Manager offers workflow functionality such as ‘view next unread fax’ that allows work queues to be set up.


Faxing is still one of the most cost-efficient and timely ways to communicate with customers. FAXCOM offers the ability to quickly turn around invoices and informational requests to customers while avoiding the expensive conversion to electronic transactions.

Medical Records

Reduce the expense of hardcopy storage and leverage the investment in your Electronic Medical Records system by allowing the same patient information being automatically faxed to physicians to be simultaneously faxed into your EMR system.

Processing Physician Orders

Biscom’s Enterprise Workflow product with OCR, intelligently routes incoming faxes and scanned paper documents based on content through a workflow process, where patient information is indexed and easily searchable. A user can search using a variety of criteria (date, time, location, patient’s name, etc.) and instantly view images of the original document and all associated data. Any order can be found any time and at any service point – without ever having to pick up the phone. Plus, an audit trail for all activity is captured.

Fax Solution for Centricity EMR

Biscom’s FAXCOM fax software solutions integrate tightly with GE’s Centricity™ Physician Office EMR solution. One of the most common applications of this integration is to automatically (from within Logician – and paperless!) fax new and renewal prescription requests to pharmacies.

DiNet – Digital Image Network for Healthcare

Secure High-Definition Image Communication for Healthcare Networks
Now you can securely and reliably communicate high-definition medical or dental images in real-time across your healthcare network. Biscom’s DiNet is a fast, secure, point-to-point, solution for sending and receiving high-definition medical or dental images and claim attachments among payers, providers and administrators — enabling real-time consultation, claims review and improved communication. DiNet helps healthcare providers and payers comply with HIPAA and it is compatible with existing systems.

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