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Biscom’s fax solutions for Healthcare provide a universal interface for the conversion and dissemination of information from all of your HIS platforms. Output from any application on any platform can be passed to Biscom’s fax technology for conversion. These documents can then automatically be faxed or published to a secure web site. This end-to-end solution provides your healthcare organization the necessary tools to manage your fax and secure file transfers in a timely and secure manner. With robust HIPAA, HITECH, and state governmental regulations, meaningful use incentives, and accelerated auditing of Protected Health Information (PHI), it’s always smart to ensure the basics are in place to protect the security of faxes containing PHI. Healcare_cross_image
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The Biscom solution integrates with GE Healthcare’s Centricity EMR application. One of the most critical features of this integration is the capability to automatically fax prescription requests to pharmacies, receive in faxes into Centricity and share medical documents via fax to the outside world all from within the Centricity EMR application.
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 InDxLogic provides automated document, data indexing and document management tools for over 7000 providers throughout the United States. Health organizations depend on InDxLogic SAS services to streamline their HIM operations and to dramatically reduce the overhead costs of managing large volumes of documents and the data within. Biscom fax integration is done to help companies easily store patient data received via fax within the proper health information system.
Siemen’s NOVIUS Radiology solution enables staff to streamline radiology registration, scheduling, patient tracking, image management and transcription. Its results-reporting capabilities and PC-based Radiologist Workstation help radiologists work more easily and effectively. Automatic faxing through the FAXCOM Server provides a secure and efficient means of communicating data. With FAXCOM for Epic, that secure exchange of patient records becomes even more secure. Because Epic client users can send faxes right from the Epic client, there is no need to print the document to be faxed. The fax integration automatically extracts both the sender and the recipient information, adding additional protection for patient information.
Epic client fax senders can also see the transmission statuses of outgoing faxes in printout tracking. When a fax fails to be transmitted by the fax server, the Epic Print Service (EPS) will return a failed status to the sender.
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 Kryptiq’s DocuTrak document management software is an enterprise-level digital imaging solution that integrates directly with existing health information systems and manages batch scanning, indexing, storage, and retrieval of paper documents in electronic form. Integration of FAXCOM Server with DocuTrak enhances the archiving and tracking of fax communications, and allows inbound and outbound faxes to be integrated seamlessly into EMR and other applications.  Misys Healthcare Systems delivers enterprise clinical management with a computerized patient record (CPR) solution that works the way clinicians work—allowing them to save time, manage information and improve patient care. Misys Laboratory is a comprehensive, high-performance, information system that manages specimen data from requisition entry through specimen tracking to final cumulative report production. FAXCOM Server integrates with Misys CPR and Misys Laboratory to conveniently fax out data from either application.


Meds prescribed by physicians and ordered from the pharmacy by fax can easily be received through the FAXCOM server and routed to a work queue to be accessed online by the pharmacist. Orders can be viewed on the screen while the information is entered into your third party pharmacy application. All faxed orders can be easily indexed and archived. Or fax client offers workflow functionality such as; robotic actions, timers, custom indexable fields, fax preview and  ‘view next unread fax’ that allows work queues to be set up.

Claims and Billing

Faxing is still one of the most ubiquitous and timely ways to communicate billing and claims information within healthcare, . Biscom offers the ability to quickly turn around invoices and informational requests to customers while avoiding the hassle of using costly fax machines. With our patented Add to List functionality; claims departments can print information from disparate sources in order to build a package before sending to a patient or insurance provider.

Medical Records

Reduce the expense of hardcopy storage and leverage the investment in your Electronic Medical Records system by allowing the same patient information being automatically faxed to physicians to be directly faxed into your EMR system. The rules based routing engine allows for delivery of incoming faxes, such as medical records, to be delivered to any EMR or document management system.

Processing Physician Orders

Biscom’s grade enterprise workflow client features with OCR, intelligently routes incoming faxes and scanned paper documents based on content thru a workflow process, where patient information is indexed and easily searchable. A user can search using a variety of criteria (date, time, location, patient’s name, etc.) and instantly view images of the original fax and all associated data. Any order can be found any time and at any service point – without ever having to pick up the phone. Plus, an audit trail for all activity is captured.

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To learn more about HIPAA and faxing please download: Achieve HIPAA Compliance: A Checklist.