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Future-proof your business against any migration from fax solutions by selecting vendors that, in parallel, offer alternative secure document transfer solutions.

– Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Fax Solutions, December 2020

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On-Prem, Cloud, Hybrid

Most scalable fax solution in the world. Mission critical workflows. Intelligent routing, enterprise fax management tools, real time reports and alerts. Automation agents, APIs for integration. HP, Epic, and Cerner integrations. HIPAA compliant.


Secure File Transfer

On-Prem and Cloud

Multi-tenant secure messaging suite that includes secure email, secure file transfer, secure collaboration. Full audit trail, delivery notifications, automation tools, REST APIs. HIPAA, SOX, GDPR compliant. FIPS 140-2 certified encryption at rest. 



On-Prem. Hybrid. Cloud.

Next generation digital fax that supports high resolution and color document transfer. Automatic file conversion, email integration, and guaranteed delivery.

Biscom Pioneered the Digital Fax Industry in 1986

In 1986, Biscom introduced the world’s first network-based computer fax server. Today, Biscom’s secure fax and messaging platform powers the largest organizations with the most complex requirements. When capabilities, reliability, scalability, and unparalleled support are critical criteria, companies trust Biscom. Companies can deploy Biscom’s enterprise fax and managed file transfer solutions as on-prem, cloud, or hybrid – providing unmatched flexibility.


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HIPAA Compliant Faxing/SFT

Extensive experience in claims and billing, patient discharge, medical records, pharmacy, drug development, and workflows.

Integrated with Epic, Cerner and other EMRs for ePHI sharing, release of information, prescriptions, pre-authorizations, referrals, and other protected health information delivery. 

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SOX Compliant Faxing/SFT

Financial information requires deft handling and security to accelerate transactions, prevent fraud, and manage customer and client expectations.

Complex workflow automation help facilitate mortgage and insurance claim processing, brokerage communication, credit monitoring, and banking transactions.

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Government and Legal

FIPS 140-2 Certified Faxing/SFT

Local, State, and Federal governments maintain highly sensitive data and must protect it with end-to-end encryption, audit trails, automatic notifications, and privacy tools.

Biscom supports the increasingly demanding security needs of government agencies with AES 256-bit encryption at rest and in transit.


Biscom is trusted by the world’s largest healthcare, financial, and government enterprises.

“In five years, Biscom has never gone down once” 

Hear how our exceptionally reliable technology and award-winning support enabled Intermex to deliver on its commitments to customers with no downtime for over five years. 

Over 16 Awards for    Innovation, Security and Support

“Biscom was a win/win for IT and the staff. If a client needs a file right away, an attorney or paralegal can send it without any—or with minimal—IT involvement. And IT gets to sleep at night.”

“We no longer have problems with system flow or performance. We are able to route by any ANI and OCR. Inbound orders received via fax or via online ordering are indexed and the application creates the workflow according to programmed business rules.” 

“Biscom’s hybrid fax solutions have provided significant time savings, allowed us to reduce hardware and support costs, and ultimately increased reliability for our customers that depend on us.” 

“Protecting the confidentiality of our customer’s information is our highest priority. Biscom Secure File Transfer secures communications with our customers while delivering strong transaction logging that is critical for regulatory compliance and bank audits. The bank’s staff has embraced Biscom because of its ease of use and improved collaboration with customers and vendors”


Don’t Miss a Single Fax. Fax Anyone. From Anywhere.

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