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Enterprise users and consumers alike need the simplicity and ease of use of consumer-grade sharing and synchronization. The common denominator here is ease of use at all times, across the board, and for any application or function. Sync-and-sharing solutions should be easy to integrate with other applications and comprehensive enough so developers can create their own custom synchronization and sharing applications. However, IT and security administrators also are tasked with keeping the enterprise free and clear of intruders and malware and must be aware of all cloud and mobile apps that can access the enterprise system. As a result, users often run into problems with IT’s requirements that their solution-of-choice have strong administrative controls, security and management features in addition to ease-of-use features. The following slide show, developed with eWEEK reporting and industry information from Biscom President Bill Ho, discusses the 10 considerations that are essential to satisfy both user and IT professional.

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