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Throughout our 2015 IT Survey, it was clear that the healthcare industry has the greatest security concerns out of all the sectors surveyed. Our findings come less than a year after the FBI issued a warning that the healthcare industry lacked proper security infrastructure. With the Anthem security breach earlier this year, the industry showed that it has flaws and it needs to act now to prevent any additional data leaks.

For healthcare companies looking to update their file synchronization and sharing tools, there were a few comments and key features that stood out as the industry is trying to become more secure.

  • When asked to rank in order of importance secure file transfer (SFT) features, 100% of respondents ranked security as #1 or #2 on their list
  • 55% ranked ease of use as #1 or #2 feature that they wanted in their SFT solution
  • In contrast, mobile access was ranked the least important SFT need by 46%

Despite these high security concerns, however, our data shows that healthcare is still lagging behind. Many respondents, in fact, report continuing to use suboptimal tools.

  • 81% of those that ranked security and encryption as the most important feature still use email to share files and 45% still use FTP
  • 25% of those that ranked security and encryption as the most important feature report using Dropbox to sync and share financial, medical, and legal documents

In addition to security, important features that respondents looked for in their sync and share products included:

  • Ease of use
  • Speed
  • Data storage and large file support

When it comes to solution preference, 97% of those surveyed would rather a simple and easy to use solution, rather than a complex but full featured alternative.

From the data, it’s evident that healthcare has security front-of-mind for 2015, yet the industry is still working on the infrastructure to back it up.

In our 2015 IT Survey, we asked respondents to freeform what they want from their solutions and this is what we heard:

  • “Increased security and a way to know where data is being stored.” – Admin, Healthcare Systems
  • “Greater integration into corporate portal and email to allow for secure transfer of large files, easily.” – Director, Healthcare

For more about data security measures in healthcare read this HealthITSecurity article, Is Healthcare Improving Data Breach Prevention Measures?

At Biscom, security is and will always be the cornerstone of our products and services. As a company, our aim is to offer secure and reliable document delivery solutions and we will continue to advance our security offerings to meet the needs of our customers.

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