As more healthcare and legal companies search for cloud fax solutions, evaluating the options for the best solution becomes overwhelming. In this webinar, Jared Vishney, CEO of Arctrieval, and Bill Ho, CEO of Biscom, share insights, criteria, and best practices for selecting a cloud solution.

In this live discussion, you will learn:
· How the healthcare and legal industries have adopted Cloud fax solutions for information and document management
· Arctrieval’s early challenges in providing its SaaS-based solution
· Arctrieval’s criteria and evaluation process to select a technology partner
· The results of the partnership between Arctrieval and Biscom

Speakers Bio 

Jared Vishney 

Jared is the Founder of Arctrieval, a software organization that simplifies medical record requests and improves access to protected health information for legal professionals, healthcare workers, and patients.

Previously, Jared held marketing and product management roles at various high-technology companies and startups such as Silicon Graphics, Maxtor, and Iomega. Jared holds a dual Economics and Business degree from UCLA.

Bill Ho

Bill is the CEO of Biscom, a software company that helps organizations share information securely through secure fax, email, collaboration, and file sharing.

Previously, Bill was at Oracle and before founding a company that pioneered cloud storage and secure collaboration. Bill received his BS in Computer Science from Stanford, MS Computer Science from Harvard, and his MBA from MIT Sloan. Bill also serves on the President’s Council for Lahey Hospital & Medical Center.

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How Arctrieval, a Healthcare and Legal SaaS, Succeeded with a Cloud Fax Solution

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