Our cloud vision is a seamless fax to email and cloud secure file transfer that allows for HIPAA compliant communication – and support large files easily. 

Biscom’s New Cloud Fax is the first step to having a platform that can make communication dynamic, robust, and flexible down to the individual needs of users.

This webinar is to share our first step to a cloud fax solution that is better and as robust as any enterprise solution but with all the financial and time savings benefits for cloud.

It’s time to transition to cloud. And Biscom is here to help you do so in a way that is secure, compliant, and revolutionary.  

There is one thing learned from this past year: it is the need for resilience. Businesses need to adjust quickly and keep running smoothly. Adapt workflow, connect people and systems, and shift to meet new demand is now a priority.

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We are the inventors of the first enterprise fax server. 

We've been a leading innovator in secure communications for 35 years with 9 patents. Our over 6000 customers are those who require the most secure, mission-critical communication. We consistently are called in to handle the problems no one else can address.

Transition to Cloud Fax. It's Time.

Digital Transformation is Possible with Cloud Fax 

Transition to Cloud Fax. It's Time.