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 Biscom FAXCOM for Epic integration

Trusted & Reliable Fax Integration Keeps the Focus on Patient Care

Trusted By Leading Healthcare Organizations

Why choose the FAXCOM for Epic integration?

Using Biscom’s integration, customers reported a 6-fold increase in productivity and an 8-fold decrease in failed faxes.

With FAXCOM for Epic integration, healthcare organizations are able to:


  • Save time with easy resending of failed faxes
  • Maintain HIPAA compliance with separate fax folders for each department
  • Increase productivity by quickly finding faxes with advanced searching based on fax metadata passed from Epic

Learn how Virginia’s largest independent orthopedic practice, OrthoVirginia, used Biscom’s FAXCOM to streamline fax with their EHR.

“Biscom is just one of those systems that is simply stable. It doesn’t need constant attention.”

– Ted Kraje, OrthoVirginia

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Key Features:

  • Send faxes easily, accurately, and securely within Epic
  • Lookup sent faxes easily by name or medical record number
  • Search, sort, and filter faxes on all metadata
  • Locate failed faxes quickly and resend with very few mouse clicks
  • Send current fax status back to Epic automatically
  • Route and organize sent faxes using folders for each department
  • Understand the cause of failed faxes with detailed information
  • Send multiple faxes without causing telephone line congestion
  • Include Epic Patient Record metadata with each fax
  • Improve HIPAA compliance by isolating fax traffic by department
  • No disruption to existing fax workflows

See the benefits of Biscom’s FAXCOM for Epic integration