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According to Aberdeen: “Why Best-in-Class Companies Believe SFT is a Must Have”

Aberdeen’s white paper on Secure File Transfer (SFT) showcases why best-in-class companies say it’s a “must have” and what companies are doing to protect their file transfers.

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1. With current federal and state mandated compliance regulations, and additional concerns about protecting personal privacy, it is becoming increasingly important to send information, data, and files securely. Are your employees securely exchanging company files?

2. Although email is the default file transport system in most organizations, it is also a very easy way for users to send confidential files and most email systems were never designed to handle the size nor load. When users send large attachments through email, it can create a variety of problems. (Just ask IT!)

3. Most importantly, any investment that involves sending confidential information outside an organization must be vetted from a business and technology perspective. Security first.

In this paper, Carol Baroudi looks at the demand for SFT, why FTP and email are poor substitutes, and what best-in-class companies are doing.

Download the paper now:

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