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Interested in a file transfer solution that is simple, fast and secure?

  • Web-based secure file transfer
  • Send and receive any size file
  • Secure workspace for collaboration
  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Detailed logging and reporting

Read this white paper and learn more.

While FTP and email are the predominant forms of file sharing, today’s forward thinking organizations are integrating solutions that keep everything securely encrypted, handle the largest files, and are easier to use.

Biscom’s secure file transfer (SFT) solution, is an enterprise ad-hoc document delivery system that enables you to send large and confidential files as easily as sending email from any Web browser. With unparalleled ease-of-use, users can quickly send files of unlimited size to anyone in the world without IT assistance.

All file transfers are logged, and deliveries are confirmed – when a delivery is successfully received, the sender is notified with a read receipt via email. Detailed transaction reportstracking the status of your deliveries assist with your compliance audting requirements.

Read this white paper and learn more.