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New service eliminates downtime from Faxcom Mailbox Servers

Chelmsford, MA – April 02, 2015 – Today, Biscom, a trusted leader in secure document delivery, is releasing a major upgrade to its FAXCOM mailbox servers that will provide a completely redundant system for enterprises with mission critical faxing needs. This redundancy will enable businesses to keep fax workflows moving even if one or more servers fail by seamlessly rerouting and connecting to another server without losing any data.

Fax server redundancy is especially important for production faxing where any gaps or slowdowns can be costly. Biscom’s fax system is not only clustered for redundancy, but the server is also intelligent enough to automatically replicate and recreate workflows without any intervention from an administrator or an end user. In addition, servers can also be geographically separated for even greater resiliency. Fax server redundancy can also be combined with Biscom’s cloud fax service providing a truly “always on” faxing service, especially in peak load situations where fax volumes can spike and overwhelm a server’s capacity.

“When a server goes down, businesses have to drop everything to fix the issue, causing both financial and administrative problems,” said George Bartley, VP of Engineering at Biscom. “With our fully redundant system, we are helping our enterprise fax customers stay on track by eliminating downtime. This is especially useful for financial services and healthcare companies where faxing is a major part of their system deployment.”

Fax server redundancy also helps customers easily perform maintenance on servers during the workday allowing them to seamlessly switch mailbox servers to upgrade the software or add patches and fixes without disrupting the production environment. Biscom’s FAXCOM fax servers support enterprise document delivery via fax, email, and Internet, handling all aspects of document delivery.

Biscom also offers secure file transfer and an innovative option that brings true security to file storage and sharing through its newest product Verosync, helping clients maintain security compliance in highly regulated industries like healthcare, financial services, and government.

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Every day millions of users and thousands of enterprises rely on Biscom for secure and reliable document delivery solutions. Founded in 1986, Biscom pioneered the fax server marketplace with FAXCOM®. Since then, Biscom has expanded and today provides solutions around secure file transfer, synchronization, file translation, cloud solutions, and mobile devices for the world’s largest organizations. Biscom’s newest product, Verosync, provides a secure Dropbox alternative, combining strong administrative features and an intuitive user interface. Learn more about Verosync at, and about Biscom at