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Today we announced Biscom Color Fax, our new color image and document delivery system. In contrast with conventional fax, which connects over telephone lines, Biscom Color Fax connects from point-to-point over secure IP data connections.

Color images contain significantly more data than black-and-white faxes, which means that moving large color documents over phone lines is slow and doesn’t make much sense in a world where everyone is increasingly digitally interconnected.  We decided, therefore, to take a fresh approach to color fax, one where encrypted digital images are moved at high (Internet) speeds oversecure data connections.

We know from our large customer base in the healthcare industry that everyday email is not a viable way to move large attachments because:  email does not meet HIPAA standards; attachment sizes are restricted; email security is secure only if both the sending and receiving servers use TLS; there is no assured confirmation of delivery.   So, patients are often given DVDs containing detailed medical images that they hand-carry from the lab to the doctor.  Or the labs send out overnight courier packages to physicians’ offices.

That’s why it makes sense that the early adopters of this technology have been in the clinical labs space.   Plus Diagnostics, for instance, sends pathology lab reports immediately after processing directly to 1,500 physician’s offices where the high-resolution color lab reports are automatically printed out on color MFPs.   Clinical office staff does not have to go online to retrieve the documents, or wait for the courier to arrive.   Speed of delivery means doctors diagnose faster, possibly leading to improved patient outcomes.

We realize that high res color fax is a new concept for most people, who think of fax only as a low-resolution document conveyed over a telephone connection.  That’s why we are offering free trials that give people a chance to see Biscom Color Fax for themselves.   To learn more and request a trial, go to the Biscom Color Fax web page,     You can also read this press release to learn more about the cloud service we announced today.