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Success Story: Biscom Drives Secure Communications and Business Continuity at Major Southeast Integrated Health Network

Biscom provides major integrated hospital network with secure, cost-eff ective methods of delivering documents via fax and email, bolsters disaster-recovery strategy.

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Biscom, Inc., the leading provider of enterprise fax servers, hosted cloud fax services, and secure file transfer solutions, is working with a major integrated health network in North Carolina. The health network deployed Biscom technology to securely fax patient information including radiology reports, patient records, and emergency visit information. Biscom’s enterprise fax solution is embedded in the hospital system’s Epic electronic medical records system, EpicCare EMR, for seamless interoperability and integration.

The health network includes more than 100 locations, including fi ve hospitals, two MedCenters, three urgent care centers, and 55 physician practice sites, that must be able to intercommunicate at all times. The network is using Biscom’s exclusive Hybrid Fax Platform, which combines on-premises FAXCOM servers with FAXCOM Anywhere Hosted Fax Services, and DocFlow, to fax patient information among its many locations and departments.

Through a robust API set, Biscom tightly integrates its faxing solution with EpicCare EMR and other electronic medical record systems to facilitate fax communications with labs, pharmacies, and other healthcare network facilities. Biscom technology is so seamlessly embedded into the EMR that it’s often invisible to the end user.

Biscom’s DocFlow technology accelerates the delivery of important documents, and improves the effi ciency of business processes that might otherwise be considered unchangeable. DocFlow enables this customer to seamlessly deliver documents via fax and email without having to modify or recode existing applications.


Biscom Drives Epic Integration, Secure Fax Communications, and Business Continuity at Major Southeast Integrated Health Network

Industry-leading enterprise fax solution provides major integrated hospital network with secure, cost-eff ective methods of delivering documents via fax and email, bolsters disaster-recovery strategy.

By adding FAXCOM Anywhere cloud-based hosted fax services to their on-premise FAXCOM server, the health network is using Biscom’s Hybrid Fax Platform for disaster recovery and business continuity. Business continuity is essential in healthcare, where the flow of vital Protected Health Information (PHI) between providers, EMRs, labs, pharmacies, payers, and patients must remain secure and always on. Disruptions—whether malicious, due to human error, system overload or even forces of nature—can literally cost lives.

The health network has one FAXCOM fax server located at its primary data center. Biscom’s FAXCOM Anywhere enterprise cloud service is available as a back-up if the physical fax server or its associated phone line fails or if additional resources are ever needed for workflow peaks. If the Biscom FAXCOM fax server is unable to send outgoing faxes, the solution is confi gured to automatically send out faxes using the cloud-based Hosted Fax services.

Moreover, since the user interface for Biscom’s enterprise fax server and hosted cloud fax are identical, the operation is completely seamless to end-users and administrators. Biscom’s Hybrid Fax Platform Critical to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans
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