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Next Generation Faxing for Epic

This isn’t your old fax solution for healthcare. Biscom transforms your faxing into an intelligent, HIPAA-compliant powerhouse. Biscom is the only fax solution built directly into the Epic platform by Epic. 

Healthcare organizations need automation to reduce burnout

When healthcare staff are already overburdened, Biscom can help speed up workflows, sharing patient information, ordering prescriptions and labs. Biscom also partnered with Epic to solve the missing fax problem – using metadata supplied by Epic, lost faxes can be easily searched for and redelivered. For organizations that send hundreds of thousands of faxes per month, this makes a difference and can positively impact patient care.

Key Features

  • Send faxes easily, accurately, and securely within Epic
  • Lookup sent faxes easily by name or medical record number
  • Search, sort, and filter faxes on all metadata
  • Locate failed faxes quickly and resend with very few mouse clicks

Biscom FAXCOM for Epic Integration

What it Does

Biscom’s FAXCOM for Epic integration enables users to send faxes and check fax status from within the Epic EHR. Separating faxes into secure folders corresponding to departments improves HIPAA compliance. For example, it prevents a staff member in cardiology from accidentally seeing behavioral health fax.

How it Works

Biscom directly integrated the two platforms to provide powerful and unique functionality. With Biscom’s integration, users can send faxes faster from within the Patient Record. When a fax is sent, a confirmation status is returned to the Patient Record. Metadata from Epic is appended to each fax and then this is stored.

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Simplify Fax

Now medical professionals can fax and see the status in Epic. There are no new systems to learn, no confusion as to how to send a fax, and no issues with user adoption.

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Manage Faxes

Organizing, isolating, and managing faxes is simpler with the FAXCOM integration. With this integration, organizations can deploy fax folders for each department. This means that faxes from each department are grouped together, making it easier to manage sent faxes by departments.  Records are secure within each document for HIPAA compliance.

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Automate Manual Workarounds

Integration users don’t have to go outside the system to fax, avoiding errors that can be introduced with manual fax processing and potential HIPAA compliance issues.

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Eliminate Process Delays

Getting the right diagnosis quickly can make a huge difference in treatment success. With integrated faxing using Biscom, Epic users no longer have to waste time printing, scanning, faxing, and entering data. All those tasks can be automated. Faxes are also sent more quickly as users don’t need to wait for an update.


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Improve PHI Security

Printing, manual faxing, and scanning are all areas where PHI can be exposed. HIPAA can also be violated if, in searching for faxes, the user is exposed to non-authorized PHI. But with this FAXCOM integration, medical professionals don’t need to manually process information keeping everything secure and HIPAA compliant.

Epic increase in productivity
Epic Decrease in Failed Faxes


Virginia’s Largest Independent Orthopedic Practice, OrthoVirginia, Turns to Biscom’s FAXCOM to Streamline Fax

OrthoVirginia, Virginia’s largest independent Orthopedic practice, used to spend a significant amount of staff time analyzing and resending “failed” faxes – ones that never reach their intended recipients. By working with Biscom, OrthoVirginia was able to reduce the time staff spent chasing down missing clinical documentation by 88% and streamline the process of faxing through the system. 

Biscom’s Fax Server Solves Scalability for Shields Healthcare

Shields Health Care Group is the largest and most technically advanced network of medical imaging, diagnostic and treatment facilities in New England for over 25 years. While assessing the capabilities of its existing inbound fax solution, Shields MRI became increasingly concerned about their current system’s ability to adjust to its growing business needs. 

Intermex Uses Biscom’s FAXCOM Solution to Help Workers Support Their Families

Every day, thousands of immigrant workers across the United States depend on Intermex to transfer money to their loved ones in Latin America. Because many immigrant workers do not have credit cards and have limited access to banks, quickly and securely sending money back home can be a big challenge. Intermex, the leading processor of money-transfer services in the United States to Latin America, strives to make money transferring a quick and easy task. 

Acclaris Sees Benefits with Biscom’s Hybrid Fax Solution

Acclaris is the leading software-enabled service provider for employee benefits reimbursement. Their end-to-end solution enables its customers’ employees to submit, get approval, and payment of reimbursement requests for various different benefit plans including healthcare, dependent care, HRA, HSA, and tuition/adoption assistance expenses. Acclaris is not limited to any particular type of benefits plan or reimbursement system, and offers a high-tech approach that differentiates them from the competition. 

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