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HP Healthcare Print Solutions streamline patient information at the point of care

Clinician First Solutions

Biscom and Hewlett Packard are dedicated to reducing clinician burnout with the HP Workpath Biscom for Healthcare app. The solution is designed to help streamline patient care – and decrease clinician’s overwhelming heavy documentation workflows, giving back critical time where it matters – providing face-to-face patient care.

Biscom for Healthcare App enables seamless care coordination

Empowering Care Coordination

A partnership with Hewlett Packard that is empowering care coordination by steering communication workflow with Biscom’s digital transformation solutions.

Empowering Privacy and Security

Go beyond compliance with best-in-class security, reduce privacy and security risks with single sign-on, and maximize interoperability with Cerner integration.

Biscom for Healthcare
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Empowering Privacy and Security
  • Go beyond compliance with best-in-class security
  • Reduce privacy and security risks with single sign-on
  • Maximize interoperability with Cerner integration
Biscom for healthcare
Biscom for healthcare

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Fax App for HP Workpath

Installed in some of the largest government, healthcare, and financial services environments Biscom’s Enterprise Fax solutions are streamlined, integrated systems that support the full range of faxing needs from desktop to production faxing, including strong authentication and security to protect confidential information and advanced rules-based routing to automate complex fax related workflows. The Biscom Enterprise Fax App for HP Workpath is integrated with FAXCOM® on-premises servers and cloud fax services to enable the delivery and receipt of faxes from HP Workpath MFPs.

Digital Fax

Biscom’s Digital Fax technology solves many of the limitations of traditional fax, including low resolution, the time required to fax large documents, and lack of recipient verification. Digital Fax leverages the speed of the internet to send documents that require fast delivery of high-resolution documents, verification of receipt, and audit trails to support regulatory compliance. The Biscom Digital Fax app for HP Workpath is ideal for exchanging healthcare-related diagnostic imaging reports among specialists and general practitioners.

Secure File Transfer

The need to securely share large volumes of data is vital in today’s business environment. Traditional solutions, such as email and FTP, have security, size, and functional limitations. Biscom Secure File Transfer (SFT) is a powerful on-premises solution that integrates secure file transfer, collaboration, and secure email into one application. With its simple user interface, extensive reporting and auditing capabilities, and robust encryption and security technologies, SFT helps organizations meet their most challenging file delivery and collaboration needs. The Biscom SFT app for HP Workpath allows scanned documents of any size to be sent as secure, encrypted deliveries.

Cloud SFT

Biscom Transit is a cloud-based secure file sharing and messaging solution that provides businesses with a way to send documents, large files, and confidential messages as easily as email but with embedded encryption and activity reports that supports security and compliance requirements. Users can share confidential files and information securely from multiple sources – in the cloud, on their server, and in repositories like Dropbox, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive. The Biscom Transit app For HP Workpath extends this secure delivery to documents scanned at the HP MFP.

customer Reviews

We wanted to make it as simple and with as few clicks as possible.” Ultimately ease-of-use was the top-selling point for Biscom.” 

– Children’s Hospital, Boston

“During the research period, I didn’t see any other product that had a complete hosted package for our company.”  


“We chose Epic for our EHR, and we knew Biscom had a good relationship with Epic and tight integration with the system, so that made it the logical choice for fax. The biggest impact is that the percentage of successful faxes has skyrocketed. We are now running a 98.6% successful fax rate.”

– OrthoVirginia

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