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Biscom Improves the Enterprise Fax Experience



FAXCOM Suite Enterprise Fax Solution Version 10.3

Improving User Experience with New UI and Enhanced Performance for Complex Workflows

CHELMSFORD, MA – January 25, 2018 — Biscom, a leading provider of enterprise fax and secure document delivery solutions for regulated industries, today announced the release of FAXCOM Suite 10.3. With this release, users have access to an updated, modern user interface for the desktop fax client, making the product more intuitive without requiring retraining for current users. The release also includes major performance enhancements for organizations with large workflows.

The release of FAXCOM Suite 10.3 includes a new algorithm that massively reduces the processing time for large, complex workflows. One healthcare customer needed to have access to almost a million faxes consisting of critical medical information. With this update, they saw a 94% performance improvement, providing them faster access to mission-critical information. Additionally, this new release enables tighter integration between FAXCOM Suite and electronic medical records (EMRs) solutions.

Specifically built to support the enterprise, the product’s uniquely flexible architecture allows it to scale from a simple fax-to-email deployment to managing tens of thousands of fax numbers, implementing complex workflows, and administering hundreds of fax servers. The product provides the fax backbone for healthcare, financial services, and other industries that demand security, auditability for compliance, and a scalable enterprise solution.

“The continued development of the user interface have made a fantastic product better,” said Clint Russel, HIPAA Security Officer and IT Administrator for Mays Home Care. “FAXCOM has been a reliable and flexible enterprise digital fax solution. The UI enhancements have made it easier for our users to fax and Biscom’s commitment to support and continuously improving their platform has helped greatly.”

Biscom builds enterprise-grade solutions to securely transfer documents, help streamline business processes, keep sensitive data protected, and achieve regulatory compliance. The company’s fax solutions offer full encryption, workflow, dashboards, reporting, and a robust set of APIs. Customers deploy Biscom fax solutions through the company’s hosted cloud service, on-premises fax servers, or in a hybrid configuration to provide disaster recovery and overflow capacity.

“The most complex fax environments in business are running on FAXCOM,” said Bill Ho, CEO of Biscom. “With the UI and performance updates, we are showing our commitment to innovation and investing in improving our solutions.”

About Biscom:
As the leading provider of secure document transfer solutions for highly regulated industries such as healthcare, government, legal, and financial services, Biscom continues to spearhead data security with its enterprise fax products, secure file transfer solutions, and collaboration tools. Biscom uses its thirty years of experience to help some of the world’s largest organizations securely transmit and share information, keeping confidential data protected. Biscom leads the industry in innovation and outstanding customer support. Learn more at http://www.biscom.com.

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