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Biscom Innovation: Securing Email Is Easy as Adding a Dollar Sign



Secure Email with Ease

Biscom prides itself on constant innovation. This trait is engrained in our DNA, from the development of the first fax server in 1986 to our recent slate of product releases including our new FAXCOM for Epic Integration and Biscom Enterprise Fax Management.

Biscom founders SK Ho and Carlos Mainemer continue this innovation with a special addition to Biscom Digital Fax. And it revolves around the dollar sign.

We’ve all been ready to click send on an email that has an attachment. (Maybe an attachment that has private information and should be sent securely? You can see how common that problem is here.) It’s a color file and you want to keep the integrity of it, so faxing it doesn’t make sense. But how do you get a detailed color image securely, simply and easily to its destination?

Now securely sending color files is easy. If you’re a registered user of Biscom Digital Fax, you can send it straight from your email with only a minor tweak.

Type in the recipient’s email address as it normally appears, but substitute the @ symbol with the $ symbol and add @colorfax.com to the end of the email address. Once the file has been delivered and opened, a confirmation email is sent to you.

For example, let’s say you wanted to send something securely to John Smith.

This email address

[email protected]


Interested in learning more about how you can use this innovation? Please contact us at [email protected]. Or watch our video of Biscom Digital Fax.

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