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Biscom, provider of the legal industry’s most trusted document exchange technology, will join ILTA’s prestigious LegalSEC webinar series.

Biscom’s presentation, titled “You Are No Longer Anonymous: How to Secure Confidential Emails and Faxes from Unauthorized Access,” is scheduled for June 17 at 12:00 noon Eastern Time.

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Securing the exchange of confidential client data has been an ongoing priority for legal IT. Until very recently the focus has been to secure the transfer over public networks, with IT confident that data at-rest was sufficiently protected behind the firm’s firewall. This confidence has been shaken by recent cyber-attacks involving theft of attorney emails that highlight the vulnerability of client data stored as either sent or received emails and faxes on the e-mail server. Weakness such as these can lead to expensive and high-profile data breaches as well as to noncompliance with government regulations such as HIPAA.

Charles Magliato, legal program director for Biscom, will explore the hidden vulnerabilities of document exchange and how to protect your law firm from them. Discussion will include:

  • The various vulnerabilities of fax and email document exchanges
  • Best practices for securing your communications
  • An overview of Biscom e-mail and document exchange security and large file transfer
  • An overview and demonstration of Biscom Secure Fax, which redirects faxes to a secure delivery via Biscom Secure File Transfer

Register for ILTA Biscom Webinar LegalSEC
All legal professionals interested in protecting privileged communications are invited to attend at no charge. Register at