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Company brings 30 years of experience to help enterprises stop attacks

As cybercrime continues to increase, SMEs are under greater threat. These attacks are also becoming more sophisticated and more dangerous; newer attacks can cripple an SME’s entire IT infrastructure. Not only are data breaches a concern, but organizations also face reputational risk and loss of clients and revenue.

Biscom’s Cybersecurity Practice puts skilled practitioners on site who can work with a company’s team to assess current risks, security policies and potential vulnerabilities. Once a baseline is established, Biscom’s team can offer advice on improving critical infrastructure, security policies, and employee training.

“The increasing concerns and threats around cybersecurity attacks have put a new focus on protecting businesses’ valuable information and data,” said Bill Ho, CEO of Biscom. “The launch of our Cybersecurity Practice leverages our experience in security to help others who want an external assessment and gap analysis.”

“We’ve been pleased with the level of knowledge and professionalism Biscom’s Cyber Team demonstrates,” said Frank Morelli, Chief Financial Officer of Cleary Insurance. “They’ve really helped us understand the threats to our environment, develop a comprehensive security policy, and educate and train our staff on best practices in cybersecurity.”

Along with cybersecurity consulting, Biscom offers secure communications through its secure file transfer (SFT), secure synchronization and sharing (EFSS), and secure enterprise fax solutions for highly regulated industries. As the leading provider of secure communications solutions, Biscom is proud to work with some of the world’s largest organizations. A testament to its dedication to customers, this year Biscom has been recognized as a finalist by SC Magazine for Best Customer Service.