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By David Gutbezahlmobile_commerce_insider
TMCnet Contributing Writer

When being paid over Paypal to create files, a lot of hassle can come from manually sending invoices and waiting for the payment. Freelancers know very well that sending their work without being paid upfront can be a dangerous activity. Biscom, a company that has been helping businesses send files since 1986, has announced an innovative solution to sending files that can allay those fears for businesses and independent contractors.

Biscom’s newest secure file transfer (SFT) solution will come with Paypal embedded. With Biscom SFT, users will be able to use a simple system to include all payment details in the file transfer, while the recipient will be able to pay directly through the download link.

Before sending a file, users of Biscom SFT will be able to set up a paywall for their file. The paywall will prevent the download of the file until payment through Paypal has been received. Once the payment is made, either through credit card or Paypal account, the recipient will be granted access to the file. File transfers, and the payment for them, will be able to be conducted either on computers or mobile devices.

Besides streamlining payment for files, Biscom SFT will also provide businesses with detailed reports about their file sending. A Biscom report will allow senders to see whether someone has paid for a file or not, and how much they paid. In addition to reports that can be checked anytime, the sender will also receive a notice of paid delivery.

Between Paypal’s trusted payment system and a detailed security architecture built by Biscom, both sides of the file transfer can feel secure about sending money directly through the SFT.

Biscom also provides a software development kit that allows businesses to implement the SFT into apps and other digital products.

This new innovation by Biscom is sure to streamline dealings between businesses, cutting out the need to manually go into Paypal or send a check when files are sent. Freelancers and e-businesses will also feel much more secure knowing that their files cannot be accessed without a payment. Yet, businesses must keep in mind that the service does not come for free. While implementation of Biscom SFT into apps and websites may be free, Paypal and Biscom will take 2.9 percent along with an additional 30 cents for every transaction.