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Biscom Releases the First Comprehensive Management Tool for Enterprise Fax Environments



Enterprise Fax Management Allows Users to Monitor and Manage Complex and Mission Critical Fax Systems

CHELMSFORD, MA – March 13, 2018 — Biscom, a leading provider of enterprise fax and secure document delivery solutions, announced the release of Enterprise Fax Management, the only product of its kind built by an enterprise fax vendor. This new product gives users the power to manage and monitor their mission critical fax environments to address fax issues before they affect the business, maximize information flow, improve security, and reduce operational expenses.

“With Enterprise Fax Management we were able to consolidate fifteen disparate legacy fax platforms into a single enterprise solution,” said David Burdette, IT Service Manager and Biscom fax solution user. “We can now view and manage our entire enterprise faxing solution in a single pane, build and enforce faxing policies, audit changes, and create customizable consoles that we can tailor to the needs of our different teams.”

Modern, digital fax remains a backbone for securely sharing information across a wide variety of industries including healthcare, banking, financial services, manufacturing, retail, and travel. Many organizations have fax embedded deeply into business processes and integrated into mission critical applications. With multiple servers, applications, and fax objects to control, managing a fax environment can be time-consuming and the complexity can make it difficult to identify the source of issues if they arise.

Biscom’s Enterprise Fax Management provides control and management of a fax environment, offering a single pane of glass view across an entire fax deployment, including geographically distributed data centers. Users can monitor their systems, set alarms, and most importantly control all the components of their fax solutions. They can create, deploy, and manage configuration policies to apply automatically to multiple fax objects. A policy regarding a new fax service, route, or server can be set in one place and automatically and selectively deployed throughout the enterprise. The system also maintains a history of all configuration changes, allowing rollbacks as well as providing detailed reporting on the system. Multiple consoles may be created to manage or view different parts of the environment or specific processes that may have different support groups or service level agreements. This also provides the ability to segregate and isolate access to different parts of the system to improve security and compliance.

“Managing today’s complex enterprise fax solutions just got simpler,” said Bill Ho, CEO of Biscom. “Enterprise Fax Management reduces operational costs, simplifies management, and improves security. There’s nothing else like this in the market.”

Enterprise Fax Management is available now from Biscom and works with all of Biscom’s enterprise on-premises, cloud, and hybrid fax solutions.

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