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The Importance of Secure Communications

By Eytan Morgenstern

Secure communication is more important than ever as more and more data of all types, from medical records to government documents are being shared.  Bill Ho, CEO of Biscom, discusses the importance of securing communications and maintaining data integrity in today’s environment.

Tell us about Biscom and how you get involved in document delivery security?

Biscom has been around since 1986.  We created the first network-centric fax server back then – which was a pretty big change from the typical analog fax machine.  It allowed larger organizations to centralize their fax capabilities across every single desktop and application and enabled organizations to be much more efficient.  Since then, faxing has significantly grown and is still in use digitally for legal or healthcare documents, signatures and the like since it is considered more secure than e-mail.

Full article: https://www.vpnmentor.com

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