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Biscom Transit Launches to Give Regulated Industries a Secure Messaging Solution with a New Level of Usability and Simplicity



Giving organizations complete data security, with the ease of email.

CHELMSFORD, Mass. — November 01, 2018 — Biscom, a leading provider of secure document delivery solutions for regulated industries, today announced the availability of Biscom Transit. Biscom Transit is a cloud-based, secure file transfer and messaging solution. Designed with an intuitive user interface that mimics the look and behavior of email, Biscom Transit enables organizations to easily and securely share confidential files and private data.

Despite the increase in company cybersecurity attacks, a recent national study from Biscom revealed that employees consistently failed to adopt provided security solutions, despite extensive training. In fact, 75% of employees admitted to sending private and confidential data through insecure methods like email, naming complexity and time as the primary reasons for non-compliance.

By integrating directly with user’s email and existing cloud storage solutions like Dropbox, Transit addresses these issues with a simple user experience that does not sacrifice security. Built for regulated industries that process highly confidential information such as healthcare and financial services, Transit offers control, visibility, and audit trails for compliance requirements.

“Email doesn’t meet current needs when sending sensitive information or large files. With the recent passing of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU, companies need to provide tools that support more secure communications,” said Bill Ho, CEO of Biscom. “Transit offers the same accessibility as email, but it also meets the security requirements of the most stringent organizations.”

“As a manufacturer of precision cylindrical grinding machines, the ability to quickly and easily send large confidential files is mission critical, but cannot be accomplished using standard email,” said Emmert Warrenfeltz, IS Manager, Fives Landis Corp., a Beta user for Transit. “Biscom Transit has allowed us do just that. The interface looks and feels like email, so our team has had no problem using it, allowing us to communicate and share data, while keeping all of our communications and data secure.”

Based on a security-first design, additional features include:

  • FIPS 140-2 certified AES 256-bit encryption: Transit has been certified for Federal Government deployment, for the highest levels of security
  • Multi-tenancy: Each customer is provided its own space to store data that is not commingled with any other customer
  • Compliance role: Provides significant insight, transparency, and governance to the organization, especially valuable for regulated industries
  • Pseudonymization: Obfuscation layer protects data and helps meet GDPR compliance
  • Integrations: Integrated with cloud storage providers to provide a single security and tracking overlay for all corporate information sharing
  • Mobile-friendly: Send and receive messages and files on any mobile device

Biscom Transit is immediately available, with additional features anticipated in future product releases, including Outlook 365 integration. For more information about Biscom Transit, visit: www.biscomtransit.com.

About Biscom Transit
Biscom Transit is a cloud-based secure file sharing and email solution that provides businesses with a way to send documents, large files, and messages as easily as email, but with embedded encryption and activity reports that enable companies to meet security and compliance requirements. Learn more at www.biscomtransit.com.

About Biscom
As the leading provider of secure document transfer solutions for highly regulated industries such as healthcare, government, legal, and financial services, Biscom continues to spearhead data security with its enterprise secure file transfer, collaboration, and fax solutions. Biscom uses its thirty years of experience to help some of the world’s largest organizations securely transmit and share information, keeping confidential data protected. Biscom leads the industry in innovation and outstanding customer support. Learn more at www.biscom.com.

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