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Biscom’s New Cover Page Printer Driver




Biscom has always offered a cover page editor for creating and updating fax cover pages. But many customers who are new to cloud faxing or enterprise fax and have their legacy cover pages created in applications like MS Word. Learning a new fax application and re-creating all their cover pages takes valuable time away from more important tasks.

We understand time is valuable so we developed the Biscom Cover Page Printer driver to easily create cover pages. It’s as simple as printing a Word document.
You can take any existing cover page in Microsoft Word and just add special keywords into fields where you want FAXCOM to fill in that information. For example, you can have FAXCOM prepopulate the Memo, Recipient Name, Fax Number, and Total Pages fields. Then you print the document to the Biscom Cover Page Printer and it automatically converts it to a Biscom cover page that can be used by any of the Biscom clients (desktop, web, or outlook).

It is also easy to create brand new cover pages in Word. Anyone familiar with Word can create a professional looking cover page that uses their company’s branding including fonts, logos, and images. Biscom’s printer driver produces fantastic results in a short amount of time with no learning curve. It is as easy as choosing File->Print.



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