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HarborOne Bank Secures Document Exchange with Secure File Transfer


With $1.9 billion in assets, HarborOne Bank is the largest state-chartered co-operative bank in New England. The bank serves the financial needs of consumer and business banking customers through a network of 14 full-service branches, and a full service mortgage office.

The Challenge

Wayne Dunn, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, was tasked with improving the process of exchanging confidential information with the bank’s customers and vendors. Encrypted email was being used for secure document delivery.  However this technology had attachment size limits and the audit trail did not meet minimum requirements of Gramm Leach Bliley data privacy mandates and the very stringent Massachusetts 201 CMR 17 regulations designed to protect personally identifiable data.

The Solution

After evaluating several secure document exchange products, Wayne Dunn selected Biscom Secure File Transfer.  Biscom’s intuitive, self- service user interface was quickly embraced by bank staff and was well received by customers and vendors.  An added benefit was the minimum administration and user support required by the bank’s IT staff.  In addition, email size and storage cost were reduced since large files were now being delivered via Biscom.


  • Hosted email service could not handle exchange of large mortgage related files.
  • Encrypted email did not meet compliance with FDIC and state mandates
  • File transfer tracking did not meet minimum bank auditing requirements.


  • Biscom Secure File Transfer


  • Streamlined secure exchange of mortgage documents with attorneys, vendors, and customers.
  • Demonstrated data privacy compliance to bank examiners and internal auditors

The Result

The Biscom deployment resulted in several key benefits.  Commercial lending operations, which require secure transfer of large files with clients, attorneys and vendors, experienced improved document exchange efficiency and staff productivity. Biscom’s secure reply feature made it easy for external parties to initiate file transfers of any size back to the bank.  Biscom’s strong transaction logging facilitated bank examination by demonstrating the banks’ compliance with data privacy mandates to secure the exchange of financial and personally identifiable data.  And the bank’s operational staff use Biscom to facilitate and record secure communication and document exchange with remote customers.

According to Wayne “Protecting the confidentiality of our customer’s information is Harbor One’s highest priority. Biscom Secure File Transfer secures communications with our customers while delivering strong transaction logging  that is critical for regulatory compliance and bank audits.  The bank’s staff has embraced Biscom because of its ease of use and improved collaboration with customers and vendors”.

The bank’s staff has embraced Biscom because of its ease of use and improved collaboration with customers and vendors.

Wayne Dunn

Chief Technology Officer, HarborOne Bank

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