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Electronic fax project estimated to save Charles County 40% of the cost of the traditional faxing solution

Biscom, a leader in secure document delivery, today announced that Charles County Government  in Maryland achieved immediate cost savings after removing its fax machines and transitioning to the Biscom cloud fax solution to provide automation and efficiency to the traditional office faxing process.  The Electronic Fax Project (EFP) is estimated to have saved Charles County more than 40% of the cost of the traditional faxing solution.

Charles County undertook the EFP to provide better tracking of inbound faxes; simplify out-bound faxing; increase reliability; augment data security; eliminate the need for local carrier POTS lines; and reduce overall costs.

The EFP identified all faxing resources within the county government, including the equipment location; associated telephone numbers; in-bound and out-bound fax volume; fax machine model; and service and support.  A cost analysis was performed to determine the total number of in-bound and out-bound faxes; and the associated telco charges (including the costs of maintaining the telco lines).

According to Ty Fuqua, network services manager, IT, Charles County Government, “We reviewed a number of vendor solutions to enable electronic faxing and matched vendor services and cost models that best fit our needs. Biscom was chosen as the provider of the fax solution because it was scalable and kept costs to a minimum while the project was rolled out; integrated with our current email/collaboration system; and allowed for greater flexibility to extend services.”

As each office was transitioned to the EFP solution, the telco line was ported to Biscom and non-MFP fax machines were removed.  For in-bound faxing, IT staff planned for a seamless integration into Charles County Government users’ current email client. For each fax line identified and ported, the Biscom FAXCOM server delivered a unique encoded fax identification which associates in-coming faxes with a corresponding email system folder.  Each CCG office was provided with a unique Biscom FAXCOM folder and this folder was simultaneously shared with as many staff members as deemed appropriate by the office supervisor.  Further, different access levels are possible for each user of an in-bound Biscom FAXCOM folder. This provides a much greater level of data security as in-bound faxes are only viewed by those with a need-to-know.  The Biscom FAXCOM solution provides a unified communications platform for Charles County Government users of all in-bound e-mail, voice mail and faxes in their GroupWise client.

For faxing digital material Biscom provided a seamless plug-in for Charles County Government users’ GroupWise client that allows users to send faxes right from their own computer by simply attaching the required document(s) as an email attachment.  For faxing non-digital paper material users are able to use existing multi-function printers and send faxes via FoIP which utilizes the familiar scan-to-email feature.

Fuqua concludes, “By deploying Biscom, the Charles County Government electronic fax project provided greater visibility and accountability of in-bound faxes; simplified out-bound faxing of digital materials; provided a scalable solution that readily integrates into our existing unified communications architecture; eliminated local carrier POTS lines; and provided direct cost savings estimated at more than 40% of the cost of our traditional faxing solution.”

Bill Ho, president of Biscom, said, “We are proud to be the cloud fax solution of choice for the Charles County Government ensuring their goals of cutting costs and improving productivity were achieved.  Our fax solutions allow customers to select the environment of their choice, either on-premises, hosted cloud, or hybrid deployment options, always putting control in the hands of the user.”