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For many organizations a dedicated on-premises fax server is a superior solution to cloud-faxing.  While the benefits of a cloud solution are well known, a fax server can be less expensive, offer better connectivity, better security, and more flexibility.  At Biscom, we sell both types of faxing solutions and have thousands of satisfied customers on both platforms. The key is selecting the right solution for your environment and your business needs.

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Here are the main reasons for choosing a fax server over a cloud solution:

  • Cost – Fax servers can offer the lowest cost per page (less than one cent) over certain volumes

For organizations that have high-volume faxing needs, a server can be much less expensive than a comparable cloud solution.  Whereas cloud pricing is generally three to ten cents per-page, above certain volumes server-based faxing can be less than one cent per-page.

  • Flexibility – Many organizations are still dealing with physical fax machines. As the analog lines are already in place, consolidating to fax servers is a natural progression for optimizing the fax environment.  Beyond that, organizations can deploy a hybrid server/cloud configuration that offers both disaster-recovery and capacity-control.  If the server needs to go off-line, the cloud can provide the service for business continuity.  If there is a spike in volume beyond what the server capacity, the cloud can handle this incremental volume on an as-needed basis (so you don’t have to over-buy servers).
  • Connectivity – With the cloud if you lose connectivity or they’re down, all your faxing stops

Cloud faxing is a service that is delivered over the internet.  If there are any connectivity issues between you and the vendor, your service stops.  Your faxing stops.  And you wait.  But with on-premises servers, they are in your data center so the faxing never stops.

  • Security – With an on-premises server, you control have total control of the security

All cloud vendors will claim to be “HIPAA Compliant” but HIPAA only describes specific aspects of the transfer and not the complete environment.  You must trust that your cloud vendor’s security is at least as good as your corporate standards – beyond the simple transfer – to include data, network, and physical access security.  While a BAA may protect you from HIPAA, if there’s a breach, the news will be about your data loss and your customers, not the cloud vendor.

It is natural that cloud fax only vendors don’t want you to buy servers – that’s their business model.  What is not natural is expecting customers to accept the logic that fax servers are ‘expensive and unreliable’ while also using those same servers to deliver ‘inexpensive and reliable cloud service’.

Of course at Biscom, we invented the fax server but we also offer a complete spectrum of faxing solutions: server, cloud, or hybrid.  These allow us to be flexible in aligning our solutions with your business needs.  We don’t try to shoe-horn you into whatever fits our business model but want the solution that is right for your business to be successful.   We’ve been using this approach for over 30 years in some of the most demanding and complicated faxing environments.  If you have any doubts about the cost, reliability, or performance of our solutions just ask one of thousands of our loyal customers.  We’d be happy to set something up.

There are benefits to moving to cloud faxing, but for many organizations the better choice is an on-premises fax server.  Don’t get sucked into the hype – make the best decision for your organization based on all the options.