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Biscloud for Accountants

Protect Your Information in Ways Email Can’t

You use email all day long to communicate and send information back and forth to your clients. Did you know that regular email leaves your sensitive client information at risk? Biscloud for Accountants lets you send tax returns and other sensitive documents to your clients securely through the same email application you are already using. With Biscloud, you can:

  • Request information from clients
  • Enable them to respond securely
  • Maintain audit trails of all secure client communication

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Sending Tax Returns



Exchanging Documents & Accounting Databases



Creating Communication Audit Trails

Sending files is easy. Once you have registered your Biscloud account, simply open up your usual email application. Type in the recipient’s email address as it normally appears, but substitute the “@” symbol with the “#” symbol and add to the end of the email address. Once the file has been delivered and opened, a confirmation email is sent to you.

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