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I saw a question in about handling rate limiting in the Dropbox API. That caught my attention. If you’re building an app that uses Dropbox as its back end, or integrating your existing application to leverage the Dropbox API, this is something that could impact you. However I can understand the reason this exists – imagine you’re Dropbox and someone is building an app that just uploads and downloads large files all day long. This could eat up all your bandwidth, slowing down file transfers for others. Also with SaaS providers, you have to limit your total storage to whatever amount you’ve bought. For very large accounts, this can be very expensive. While many SaaS providers claim to support “unlimited” storage, especially with their professional or business versions, there’s usually some fine print about actual limits – check with your provider to see if this is the case.

Biscom supports an API that has true unlimited file sharing and unlimited file transfer – you are in full control over how much and how often you transfer files. It’s your server and your application, so can do what you please with it. You are not at the mercy of others who you have no control over, and you’re not paying for their sins. For Dropbox, a few bad apples may have spoiled the bunch, so it felt it had to set limits on everyone. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can freely upload and download files at full throttle than be artificially governed? It’s like limiting all cars to 55 mph – and if you’re on a long stretch of empty highway, too bad.

Dropbox rate limiting API