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HIPAA, HITECH, and meaningful use are typical reasons given for deploying electronic fax in healthcare organizations. Protecting confidential patient information is important and as we all know required. But how does electronic faxing improve the quality of patient care?

It makes a lot of sense to use electronic fax to save time, money, and improve healthcare. It’s faster and easier to send faxes electronically to pharmacies as well as patient information to referring physician offices. The information gets faxed faster plus there’s no loose paper trail.

Healthcare professional’s workload is reduced by eliminating the time of printing faxes and carrying to the fax machine. Faxing a prescription from Epic to a pharmacy is as easy as selecting the fax number and clicking send. Healthcare professionals are not limited to just sending prescriptions as there are 12 workflows that include faxing as a delivery method including physicians notes, referrals, lab results, scheduling, health records, and more. The fax status is returned and logged to the patient record. Re-sending failed faxes can be done easily from the Biscom’s web fax client or with the email to fax option.

Inbound faxes can be delivered into patient records by dropping them in an Epic approved document management solution like Hyland OnBase. Paper is reduced and once again time is saved by delivering faxes electronically removing the trip to the fax machine and having patient information laying on a fax machine for someone to process and for anyone to view.

By streamlining the entire healthcare fax process, less time is spent on administrative paper work, and more time can be spent with the patient providing a higher quality of care.

Epic used Biscom’s industry leading APIs to integrate their application directly with Biscom’s FAXCOM Queue which works with the Biscom fax servers and cloud fax solution.