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Enterprise Fax Clients

Biscom FAXCOM Fax Servers are the number one production fax server for high volume production faxes – with the ability to scale faster and more reliably than any other fax solution on the market.

Faxing for Power Users

For power users who want fast access and powerful features to send, receive, and manage their faxes, the desktop client excels at meeting demanding users.


  • Designed for power users with hot keys/short cuts
  • Active Directory authentication
  • Document preview
  • Signature stamping
  • OCR – scan directly into the application
  • Support for folders
  • Connect to multiple fax servers and queues
  • Archiving
Faxcom Enterprise Clients - Desktop Client Image
Faxcom Enterprise Clients - Web Client Image

Fax Management From any Browser

Biscom’s faxing solutions are feature-rich including the ability to manage all faxing functions from any web browser.


  • No software needed – runs in any browser
  • Send, receive, and view fax activity
  • Active Directory authentication
  • Document preview
  • Connect to multiple fax servers and queues
  • Archiving

Send and Receive Faxes Via Email

Faxing files can be as easy as sending an email – simply enter the recipient as the fax recipient number and your fax server domain name (e.g. [email protected]), attach your files, and send. Once the fax is transmitted, you’ll receive email confirmation.

Received faxes simply appear in your inbox as a PDF or TIFF file.


  • Simple to use, minimal end user training
  • Tightly integrated with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook
  • Compatible with any email client or web mail system including Gmail, Office 365, Yahoo
  • Integrated with Active Directory for centralized user management
Faxcom Enterprise Clients - Fax to Email Image
Faxcom Enterprise Clients - Mobile Image

Your Mobile Device can Become a Portable Fax

Apps for iOS and Android provide fax capabilities on the go. Send and receive faxes on your mobile device.


  • Send and receive faxes any time, anywhere
  • Sign or annotate documents in real time and fax them back without having to print them out
  • Use the built-in camera to scan documents for faxing
  • Works with Dropbox, Verosync and other mobile apps seamlessly

Fax-enabled MFPs

Adding fax capabilities to MFPs is simple, cost effective, and adds centralized management and visibility for administrators.


  • Leverage existing MFPs rather than buy new devices to support fax
  • Centrally manage MFPs and understand fax volumes and usage
Faxcom Enterprise Clients - Fax Enabled MFP (Multi Function Printer) Image