Dashboard, Management, and Compliance in a Single-Pane-Of-Glass

Biscom Enterprise Fax Management (EFM) enables organizations to take complete control of their fax environment. Based on our experience deploying the largest and most complex faxing solutions, Biscom built this tool to simplify fax monitoring and management. EFM gives users the power of a full dashboard, the ability to control fax components, oversee compliance requirements, and create customizable reporting consoles. These combined tools give organizations the power to maximize their faxing performance and operations.

Streamlining Management Tasks

Biscom EFM simplifies managing large and complex environments. Today’s faxing environments have become increasingly complicated as companies incorporate fax into their mission critical workflows. Managing these systems can require significant resources. To address the increased burden of managing these environments, Biscom centralized and streamlined the most critical management activities to improve system performance, maintain security and compliance, and better understand fax volumes and costs. Additionally, policies and configurations can be pushed to multiple servers instantly – saving time and reducing the chance of errors when administering individual systems.

Consoles – Customizable Views

With EFM, users have a “single pane of glass” to view and manage the entire fax solution, including remote locations and other geographic boundaries. Users can also create groups of fax components, called Consoles, based on deployment location, department, and other parameters relevant to the organization. Each Console contains a fully configurable dashboard to monitor system performance and configure real-time alarms as well as the functionality to create, deploy, and monitor fax policies.

While EFM allows organizations to centralize management tasks, with Consoles organizations can separate and parcel out access to different parts of the fax environment to specific administrators or users. This granularity improves security by limiting access to system components and enables organizations to distribute common or remote management tasks to local teams.


Biscom EFM dashboards allows you to monitor the real-time performance of servers, fax queues, and SMTP gateways. Its flexibility enables you to view the activity of hundreds of services at once as well as allowing a user to zoom in on a specific service. Alarms can be configured to monitor the most common fax system issues including: Server Status, Traffic Levels, Queue Performance, Port Utilization, Delivery Performance, and Phone Line Quality. With the dashboard information and real-time alarms, organizations can view the health and performance of the system, and be notified if a monitored condition exceeds a threshold defined by the administrator.

Policies and Self-Healing

With EFM, administrators can define and enforce policies for fax servers, queues, and gateways. Custom policies can be defined for different departments, and if EFM notices a misconfiguration, it can automatically heal the problem – all without any administrative action. Policies can be applied selectively to all or specific components or parts of the system. If a new fax queue (service) is added, or an inbound route changes, the necessary configuration changes can be quickly deployed to the entire system. An “undo” function also helps administrators reverse a problematic change – changes can be rolled back and a multi-level change can also be reversed as the roll back intelligently cascades all interim changes.


Biscom Enterprise Fax Management monitors the compliance of configuration policies. From the Console, users can monitor the compliance of all objects. If an object becomes non-compliant, the user can determine who modified the policy, when it was modified, and reasons for the modification. The user can then modify and deploy the policy to multiple servers simultaneously.

Achieving Next Level Performance

Biscom Enterprise Fax Management is the latest tool that enterprises can leverage to maximize visibility, delegate control, and manage their entire fax platform. With EFM, organizations can manage large implementations with fewer resources, anticipate issues that may arise, and identify problems before they affect the overall health of the fax platform. 

Key Features

  • View and manage your entire
    environment from a “single pane of glass”
  • Streamline control with integrated dashboard, management, and compliance tools
  • Set alarms for real-time notification
  • Create and apply configuration policies for fax servers, fax queues, and SMTP gateways
  • Roll back configuration changes with log history
  • Manage from anywhere with browser-based application
  • Develop policies and dynamically apply changes across the environment
  • Control multiple levels of access and delegate administration to specific parts of your system or applications
  • Use with on-premises fax servers, cloud fax, or hybrid fax environments

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