Dashboard, Management, and Compliance in a Single-Pane-Of-Glass

Maximize the Value of your Fax Environment

Biscom Enterprise Fax Management allows organizations to take complete control of their fax environment. Based on our experience deploying the largest and most complex faxing solutions, Biscom built this tool to simplify fax monitoring and management. Enterprise Fax Management gives users the power of a full dashboard, the ability to control fax components, the capability of compliance oversight, and completely customizable views. These combined tools give organizations the power to maximize the performance and
value of their fax environment.


Biscom Enterprise Fax Management simplifies managing large, complex, or mission-critical fax environments. As fax continues to be a core communication tool due to its security and flexibility, faxing environments have become increasingly complicated. Managing these systems can require significant resources. Biscom has centralized and streamlined the most critical management activities to reduce overall operational costs, improve system performance, and maintain security and compliance.


With Enterprise Fax Management , users have a ‘single pane of glass’ to view and manage the entire fax environment. Users can also create groups of fax components, called Consoles, based on deployment location, department, or any parameters relevant to the organization. Each Console contains a fully configurable dashboard to monitor system performance and configure real-time alarms as well as the functionality to create, deploy, and monitor fax policies.

While Enterprise Fax Management allows organizations to centralize management tasks, with Consoles organizations can separate and limit access to different parts of the fax environment to specific administrators or users. This improves security by limiting access to system components and allows organizations to distribute common or remote management tasks to local teams


Biscom Enterprise Fax dashboard allows you to monitor the real-time performance of servers, fax queues, and SMTP gateways. It is highly flexible allowing you to view the activity of hundreds of services at once as well as allowing a user to zoom in on a specific service. Alarms can be configured to monitor the most common fax system issues including: Server Status, Traffic Levels, Queue Performance, Port Utilization, Delivery Performance, and Phone Line Quality. With the dashboard information and real-time alarms, organizations can view the health and performance of the system and be notified if an alarm condition is met.


Monitoring performance is only one part of managing a complex fax environment. The other is managing the configuration of all the components of the system—servers, fax queues, and gateways. A dashboard will monitor for performance issues, but misconfigured components can also cause problems that can be difficult to identify. Understanding configuration status gives a more complete picture of system status. With the Console users can now quickly identify and correct configuration issues.

Enterprise Fax Management uses Policies to group and customize configuration settings. Policies can be applied selectively to all or specific components or parts of the system. If a new fax queue (service) is added, or an inbound route changes, the necessary configuration changes can be quickly deployed to the entire system. To make changes easier, a history of each Policy modification is stored and can be automatically rolled-back.


Biscom Enterprise Fax Management monitors the compliance of configuration Policies. From the Console, users can monitor the compliance of all objects. If an object becomes non-compliant, the user can determine who modified the Policy, when it was modified, and any reasons for the modification. The user can then modify the policy (and roll it out) or roll-back to the previous configuration.


Biscom Enterprise Fax Management is the latest tool in Biscom’s FAXCOM faxing platform. Built for the enterprise, FAXCOM offers unmatched performance, scalability, and manageability. FAXCOM fax solutions offer on premises, cloud, and hybrid deployment options. The flexibility of the solution combined with our award-winning customer support team, gives FAXCOM the best functionality, support, and value in enterprise fax.



  • View and manage your entire
    environment from a ‘single pane of glass’
  • Streamline control with integrated dashboard, management, and compliance tools
  • Set alarms for real-time notification
  • Create and apply configuration policies for fax servers, fax queues, and SMTP gateways
  • Roll-back configuration changes with log history
  • Manage from anywhere with browser-based application
  • Develop policies and dynamically apply changes across the environment
  • Control multiple levels of access— view and manage, view, view specific
  • Distribute views to manage specific parts of your system or applications
  • Use with on-premises, cloud, or hybrid fax environments

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