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FAXCOM Anywhere® Enterprise

Tight integration and robust features for enterprise faxing.

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Nearly three decades of enterprise software experience have gone into building this superior enterprise fax solution, to make sure it includes all the integration, control, security, and monitoring that you would expect from a reliable, flexible, expandable enterprise solution.

Superior Integration

Our Enterprise edition connects not only with email / Web / Windows / Mobile clients, but also with existing systems and resources in your enterprise without writing code:

  • File shares
  • Print streams
  • Databases
  • MFPs
  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Biscom Secure File Transfer
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See FAXCOM Anywhere Enterprise in Action

Superior Control

Administrators have many tools to control and manage fax usage throughout the enterprise:

    • Active Directory integration enables you to set policies that implement enterprise-wide control of fax usage.
    • Control fax user rights and settings based on user, group, or email domain.
    • Rules-based Advanced Fax Routing utility – route faxes according to
      • Active Directory
      • Information found within the fax, including barcodes and text from OCR
      • Fax/call metadata
      • Data from internal databases and other accessible network resources

See it all work together with Enterprise Fax Management.

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Superior Security

In addition to your corporate firewall, the FAXCOM Anywhere architecture isolates your network from the cloud fax service by limiting the exchange of information to only faxes and call connection details.

  • Communication between the Biscom hosted fax servers in the cloud and your enterprise is secured by 1024-bit Secure Socket Level (SSL) communications.
  • Enterprise Edition stores all of your faxes on storage within your enterprise, rather than in the cloud, and encrypts data at rest.
  • No electronic trusts are required, nor is there any need to export any corporate information or directories to external databases.

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