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Next Generation Faxing for Epic

This isn’t your old fax solution for healthcare. Biscom transforms your faxing into an intelligent, HIPAA-compliant powerhouse.

Healthcare organizations need automation to reduce burnout

When healthcare staff are already overburdened, Biscom can help speed up workflows, share patient information, and order prescriptions and labs. This is why Biscom partnered with Epic and its developers to create the features and functionality needed to help organizations increase productivity as well as improve security and compliance both on-premises and in the cloud.

Key Features

  • Search, sort, and filter faxes from the Epic Patient Record metadata and add real-time delivery confirmation status to patient records.
  • Inbound document workflows for routing, organizing, and renaming of faxes by the department.
  • Outbound advanced workflow capabilities to get PHI where it needs to go, faster.
  • Ability to send to multiple recipients within Epic, reducing the risk of manual fax errors
  • Smart data extraction to automatically find and extract the data you need.
  • Fully HIPAA compliant to adhere to strict document security standards.


Simplify Processes

Now medical professionals can fax and see the status in Epic. No new systems to learn, no confusion as to how to send a fax, and no issues with user adoption.


Automate Manual Workflows

Users no longer have to go outside the system to fax, avoiding errors that can be introduced with manual fax processing and potential HIPAA compliance issues.

Eliminate Process Delays

Getting the right diagnosis quickly can make a huge difference in treatment success. Epic users no longer waste time on printing, scanning, faxing, and manually entering data. All those tasks are automated which allows faxes to be sent quicker and less time is spent waiting on updates.

Manage Faxes

Organize, isolate, and manage faxes plus deploy folders for each department with Biscom’s Epic integration.  Grouping makes it easier to manage sent faxes and records are secure within each document for greater HIPAA compliance.

Improve PHI Security

Printing, manual faxing, and scanning are all areas where PHI can be exposed. By having control over who has access to PHI, you eliminate the risk of unintended data exposures and stay HIPAA compliant by tracking inbound and outbound data directly in the patient record.


OrthoVirginia, Turns to Biscom to Streamline Fax

Disparity systems across the locations were not working and were causing OrthoVirginia to have high fax error rates which in turn impacted their patient’s care. Plus staff used to spend a significant amount of time analyzing and resending “failed” faxes. By working with Biscom, they were able to reduce the time staff spent chasing down missing clinical documentation by 88% and streamline the process of faxing through the system. 

Biscom’s Fax Server Solves Scalability for Shields Healthcare

Shields Health Care Group while assessing the capabilities of its existing inbound fax solution, became increasingly concerned about its current system’s ability to adjust to its growing business needs.  Thanks to Biscom’s digital fax solution and automation workflows, Shields increased employee productivity, advanced document security, and improved customer service, and can trust that its growth will not be hindered by any fax limitations.

Intermex Uses Biscom’s Digital Fax to Help Workers Support Their Families

Every day, thousands of immigrant workers across the United States depend on Intermex to transfer money to their loved ones in Latin America. Because many immigrant workers do not have credit cards and have limited access to banks, quickly and securely sending money back home can be a big challenge. Since implementing Biscom, sending faxes and confirming receipts, is 50% faster.

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