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Faxing from Epic – Introduction to FAXCOM for Epic Integration

Join us on July 26, 2018 at 3pm ET to see the how Biscom’s FAXCOM for Epic integration has helped hospitals reduce the administrative time spent on managing their faxing by 75%, and provide more time to staff to focus on patient care.

During the webinar Larry Grant, Biscom’s fax solution architect and a key member of the Epic integration team, will show you the key features that enhance productivity, reduce expenses, and provide more visibility and analytics from your Epic investment.

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Powering Fax in Centricity – Overview of CV Plus and MultiDoc Integrations

Are you taking full advantage of the fax capabilities of GE Centricity? Do you want to save time in sending multiple faxes to the same number?

See an overview and demonstration of the fax power Biscom’s CV Plus and MultiDoc native integration bring to Centricity. Kevin Fraser, Director of Technical Support and CV + and MultiDoc expert will demonstrate the key features of the two products that can help you automate your workflow and put your focus back on patient care.

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Taming Your Fax Function – An Intro to Biscom Enterprise Fax Management

With all the power available in modern fax solutions – integrations, workflows, advanced routing, multiple servers and cloud – fax environments have grown incredibly complex. You need a way to control and monitor your fax system to maximize its value and ensure it runs smoothly. Biscom’s latest fax innovation – Enterprise Fax Management – provides the power to manage and maintain your fax environment from a “single pane of glass” view.

In this webinar we will share the features and functionality of our newest product.

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Fax over IP: How virtualizing your fax environment can reduce your costs and provide flexibility and efficiency

Virtualizing fax servers enables better management of fax server resources enabling users to do more with less. Switching to a virtual fax server solution can reduce operating costs while still maintaining high-volume fax service.

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Keep Your Student Data Secure: Learn how cloud faxing secures private information

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Your Business Needs Fax: 5 things to look for in a fax vendor

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Paper Piling Up? Move Your Faxing to the Cloud

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Best Practices Using Computer Faxing to Support Meaningful Use and HIPAA Regulations
Learn how Biscom is helping healthcare providers maximize the value of their fax solutions. From Epic and EMR integrations through HIPAA and scheduling fax is still a core part of Healthcare providers IT infrastructure. Learn how Biscom’s innovative solutions have helped leading healthcare providers optimize their businesses.

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Take Control of Your File Transfers
For companies that demand more manageability, control, and visibility into their file sync and share solution.

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Business Continuity with the Best of Both Worlds: Biscom Hybrid Fax

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Biscom Secure File Transfer 5.1: New Features

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