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Biscom’s Fax for Microsoft SharePoint

Biscom’s FAXCOM fax server and Cloud Fax Service integrate with Microsoft SharePoint to provide efficient inbound routing of faxed documents into SharePoint sites, complete with content filtering, metadata tags, and OCR to facilitate user searches. The FAXCOM is directly integrated with SharePoint and eliminates the spam and security risks associated with enabling SharePoint sites for email access.

  • Receive faxes to document libraries as searchable PDF files
  • Send faxes from document libraries and automated workflows
  • Configure fax capabilities of each SharePoint site individually
Fax for Microsoft SharePoint

Key Benefits of Fax for SharePoint

Together with its Advanced Fax Routing technology, Biscom’s Enterprise Fax for SharePoint intelligently routes sales orders, mortgage documents, healthcare forms, service requests, shipping manifests, customs documents, prescriptions, legal documents, and many other types of documents businesses must process every day through a configurable rules-based process directly into the right SharePoint sites, libraries and folders.

  • Improve employee productivity by automating paper-intensive business processes
  • Facilitate collaboration and communication with customers and business partners
  • Site administrators control all aspects of outbound faxing
  • Supports SharePoint 365 deployments

Key Features of Fax for SharePoint

  • Incoming faxes are passed through an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process that is indexed by SharePoint for full text searches
  • Inbound faxes are analyzed by a combination of fax transmission data and text from the OCR process to determine where documents go and how they should be tagged
  • Advanced fax routing rules based engine allows for intelligent fax routing
  • Fax transmission data (to, from, fax number, barcode data, etc.), as well as data extracted from the OCR process, can be automatically populated into column values in SharePoint lists
  • Rights to view, modify, delete or download faxes can be managed
  • An audit trail of changes is preserved within SharePoint