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Fax over SFT (FoSFT) is a new and innovative update of fax technology. SoFT combines the simplicity and ubiquity of fax with the security, scalability, and cost of Secure File Transfer.

While old analog fax machines have vanished from many offices, fax continues to be a core technology for many companies. Fax over SFT offers a way for these companies to continue using fax while also realizing the advantages of Secure File Transfer technology.

While the advantages of using SFT may be obvious – better security, scalability, and cloud-based, there are other advantages to FoSFT. The first is cost. As SFT is a cloud-based application, the fax transport takes place over the internet. This means there is zero need for telephony equipment, lines and their associated cost. Even for companies with a moderate number of traditional fax lines, this savings is likely large.

The second is speed. Traditional fax sending times average 30 seconds per-page. But with Biscom’s FoSFT solution, the transfer is almost instantaneous. For any business, this time savings will directly translate into cost savings.

Fax over SFT (FoSFT) enhances the utility of fax while also leveraging the capabilities of Secure File Transfer. This new application of fax technology also supports a lower cost profile yielding a shorter-term ROI. Companies that still depend on fax should carefully evaluate Biscom’s innovative FoSFT solution.