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Fax Servers, Hosted Fax Service and Virtualization

Use cases for fax continue to increase and the art of fax over IP continues to protect enterprises, especially with the rise of virtualization

Fax analyst Peter Davidson reports: “…That is, the market is moving from using fax systems that work over conventional phone lines to fax that works over Internet lines.”

Virtualizing fax servers enables better management of fax server resources. Virtualizing the servers also makes it possible to run workstations and servers with different operating systems on the same fax server(s) concurrently. In this way, virtual servers enable users to do more with less.

Another benefit to you is that fewer fax servers are needed to get the same fax capacity, saving money on hardware. Switching to a virtual fax server solution can reduce operating costs while still maintaining high-volume fax service.

Another trend worth mentioning is that virtual fax servers are not the only option for implementing fax servers. Hosted fax (via the cloud) enables businesses to use their IP network to send and receive faxes via email.

Biscom, a leading provider, provides a hosted fax service that is scalable, reliable, and secure. It enables businesses to take advantage of high-volume faxing without installing onsite servers. Biscom’s software can also be integrated with MFPs for more functionality.

To close, Biscom is the only provider offering a true enterprise server, virtual and host fax solution. Biscom offers both an on-premises server and a hosted service, Biscom can deliver a solution scaled precisely to an organization’s faxing volumes.

Biscom, a longtime successful manufacturer of enterprise fax servers, offers a hosted fax service.

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Shields Healthcare: “Thanks to Biscom, we no longer have problems with system flow or performance. Inbound orders received via fax or via online ordering are indexed and the application creates the workflow according to programmed business rules. It makes the jobs of our staff members and managers much easier.”

Biscom Fax Server

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