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FAXCOM for Epic Integration

Enterprise Fax for Epic

The FAXCOM for Epic Integration brings the power of enterprise fax to the Epic EMR. With this direct integration, users can fax from within the Client View, find and easily re-send failed faxes, search and sort faxes, and organize faxing by department. This solution keeps information flowing, reduces manual workarounds, and improves security.

Faxing and Interoperability

Biscom has been providing secure document delivery solutions to the most recognized healthcare institutions for more than thirty years. This includes powering fax in industry-leading EMRs like Epic.

Even with growing EMR interoperability, faxing continues to be a core communications channel that fills the gap for sharing medical records due to its security and inherent ubiquity. Faxing allows organizations to securely share PHI across organizations – from the smallest pharmacy to the largest insurer – for improved coordinate of patient care, regardless of each organizations systems.

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Data For Meaningful Use and Audit

FAXCOM for Epic Integration is the only solution that passes Epic metadata with each sent fax

  • Fax from within the Patient Record
  • Find failed faxes quickly
  • Determine detailed failure information
  • Resend failed faxes from the Biscom Client
  • Update Patient Record automatically
  • Organize faxes by department
  • Attach Patient Record metadata to each sent fax
  • Ensure staff sees only faxes they are authorized to use
  • Improve data management and HIPAA compliance
  • Incorporate fax data into Meaningful Use support

Better Outcomes

Speed and efficiency in healthcare can lead to better patient outcomes and a better overall healthcare experience. Healthcare has moved towards systems like electronic medical records to meet this demand. Throughout this, fax has remained a major part of healthcare communication, passing critical information including patient data, prescriptions, referrals, and authorizations. By developing a solution that can capture patient data from an EMR and attach it to a fax, Biscom’s FAXCOM Integration provides the power to keep communications moving and get the right information to the right provider.

Use FAXCOM for Epic Integration to share

  • Patient records
  • Test results
  • Medical billing
  • Pre-authorizations


  • Scheduling requests
  • Prescriptions
  • Documents regulated by HIPAA

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