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Corporate file sharing has never been easier.

Security and reliability are critical in today’s highly regulated industries. That’s why some of the world’s largest financial services organizations trust Biscom’s secure corporate fax solutions. Whether it’s faxing mortgage paperwork, using Secure File Transfer to send large documents, or syncing and sharing files securely with Verosync, Biscom’s solutions provide mission-critical functionality for some of the world’s leading financial services firms.



in Financial Services

Mortgage Processing

Biscom’s Fax Solutions are used by major banks and mortgage lenders to handle the high volume of documents these firms process each day. These firms receive mortgage applications and closing documents and send out rate quotes, rate confirmations and loan approvals. Traditional fax machines can be replaced by our fax solutions so that documents are received electronically directly into data storage. Once the documents are received, they can be handed off to workflow and document processing systems. This entire process is paperless.

Insurance Claims Processing

Major insurance providers use Biscom’s Fax Solutions to process claims forms as they are received, and to send outbound confirmations of insurance eligibility and policies. As part of a total solution, the software  provides powerful capabilities such as automated data extraction and bar code reading of forms-based documents, for advanced inbound delivery options. For health insurance forms, the software also generates an audit trail as required by HIPAA regulations.


Biscom Fax Solutions are used to distribute analyst research reports and hard copy trade confirmations. For compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley regulations, sent and received documents are archived for easy retrieval.

Consumer Credit

On-demand credit reports and notification of approval/denial of credit applications are examples of documents delivered using Biscom’s Fax  Solutions in Consumer Credit applications. Biscom solutions are also used to deliver on-demand account statements and notifications to vendors of customer disputes of charges.


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