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  • Send and receive faxes via VoIP network
  • Without VoIP can still virtualize fax servers

Support for:

  • VoIP PBX (Cisco, Avaya, ShoreTel, +)
  • SIP Trunks (Verizon, Level 3, XO, +)
  • Virtual Machines (VMware, Hyper-V, XenServer)
  • Media Gateways (Dialogic, AudioCodes, Sonus, +)
  • T.38 or G711 audio (either/or or fallback mode)
  • Enhanced disaster preparedness




  • IP network using T.38 protocol
  • T.38 capable VoIP Gateway
  • T.38 fax server
  • Can also use G.711 protocol
  • Dialogic SR140 fax software
  • Densities from 2 to 60 channels
  • Up to 120 ports per server

“Installing the Biscom Fax over IP solution has allowed us to grow an scale with the lowest total cost of ownership. And the best part – it’s so easy to use.”

Bob Long

RL Network Corporation

Virtual Fax Servers

Enables customers to lower capital and operational costs.
Virtual fax servers are quickly becoming the standard platform of choice, as corporations are making the shift from physical servers and locally-installed client applications to technologies such as virtualization.


  • Run workstations and servers with different operating systems on the same fax server concurrently
  • Reduce operating costs – fewer fax servers are needed to get the same fax capacity
  • FAXCOM Suite can be deployed to provide high availability and redundancy
  • Virtualized desktops combined with FAXCOM Suite Group Policy integration enables administrators to control 100% of the users’ faxing environment