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Forwarding Deliveries with Biscom SFT 5.1.1045



Biscom SFT

Biscom’s latest Secure File Transfer release includes the ability to forward secure deliveries without having to download and then upload files or cut and paste the secure and notification messages. Just like forwarding an email, you can simply choose the Forward action, enter the new recipients’ email addresses, and send it off, maintaining the security and delivery options that have already been configured for the delivery.

As security experts, Biscom understands the impact simplicity and ease of use have on secure tool user adoption. This knowledge was reinforced by a recent survey commission by Biscom that revealed:

  • 88% of respondents reported their company trains employees on properly using secure methods of information sharing and delivery
  • Nearly 75% of employees admitted to sending sensitive information via insecure email

The simplicity and familiarity of email make it the easy and fast choice for most employees, despite the fact it remains insecure and against company policy. To make your secure messaging solution stick, make sure that it is:

  • Simple and easy to use – through multiple interfaces such as the web and mobile
  • Integrated with your email client like Outlook for minimizing changes to behavior
  • Has the ability to track when and who accesses the secure message and downloads files

Key benefits of Biscom SFT 5.1.1045 update:

  • Faster information sharing and collaboration with outside parties
  • Sender can add, edit, and remove files from a message before forwarding
  • Users can forward a message with the message text included

This new feature is especially useful for senders that need to forward a single message with many attachments on an ad hoc basis. Instead of having to re-attach files individually, the new version makes forwarding messages and attachments faster than ever before.

Sending information securely can be just as simple as using email—with functionality so similar to email, it won’t be a surprise when Secure File Transfer becomes the default information sharing tool across all organizations and industries.

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