Fax is growing

Gartner reports that more people are interested in understanding new fax enterprise solutions.

Gartner recently published a whitepaper “Five Emerging Use Cases to Drive Cloud Fax ROI”. As Gartner hasn’t published a fax whitepaper in years, what’s changed? Simply put, fax is growing and more people are interested in understanding about new fax enterprise solutions. This report provides an excellent overview of the movement to the cloud, enterprise fax features, and ROI.

The key findings of the report are that cloud fax providers have a lot of functionality out-of-the-box, avoid long-term contracts, and that cloud faxing will continue to grow as more organizations take advantage of new functionality. Gartner also offers advice for organizations looking to add cloud fax to their infrastructure. Specifically, they detail possible transition paths to cloud fax and detail critical criteria for a cloud fax solution. It is this criterion (or functionality) that is at the core of their ROI models. And their ROI models cover everything from fax workflow integrations to using machine learning to route faxes.

At Biscom, we’ve seen the explosive growth of our cloud fax solution FAXCOM Anywhere and worked with customers and prospects to build and understand ROI models. We support all of Gartner’s key enterprise features and our customers are realizing the benefits.

Biscom Fax and Secure File Transfer Solutions

It’s time to respond to the changing world of secure communication with efficient workflows that accelerate growth.  The world’s leading enterprises depend on our digital fax, secure file transfer, and secure email to drive profitability. Biscom solves secure communication for regulated industries, including:

  • Healthcare: HIPAA compliant faxing and SFT. Extensive experience in claims and billing, patient discharge, medical records, pharmacy, drug development, and workflows.
  • Financial: SIX compliant faxing and SFT. Expertise in automating mortgage and insurance claim processing, brokerage, consumer credit, and banking workflows. 
  • Government: GSA compliant faxing & SFT. Supporting the highest level of federal, state, and county agencies with the most secure communication workflows.

See which solution works for you.