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Most people know him as the happy-go-lucky, cheerful, master of ceremonies around the office and at Biscom events, but for those who have not had the pleasure, here’s a look at Rocco Abbondanzio, Director of Sales.

Rocco is one of those employees that fit right in as soon as he joined the Biscom team in 1990. He left to pursue other ambitions for a few years, but came back to his Biscom family and has been in the thick of things again since 2009.

When talking about his job, Rocco likes to tell people that Biscom is a great place to work, to keep busy, and time just flies by. Rocco has many responsibilities as the Director of Sales, mentoring and coaching the junior sales members, providing training and development for the sales team, and ensuring the responsiveness of our team to the needs of customers and prospects. When Rocco isn’t working with the sales teams he’s collaborating to establish goals and objectives for the company, and assist in the development of policies, procedures, and day-to-day practices. Being a hard working, disciplined, and self-motivated person is vital to his role at Biscom.

Before joining Biscom, Rocco previously was in charge of popping the popcorn at the Waltham, MA cinema. (He still likes to relive his glory days by perfuming the office with his popcorn).

According to Rocco, many people mistake him for Fred Flinstone. Luckily, Rocco’s 110-mile round-trip commute is gas powered; not foot powered, but if it were otherwise Rocco would tap into his dormant flying power to overcome the traffic. While out in Boston, Rocco recommends eating pizza at Pizzeria Regina in the North End. He swears you won’t be disappointed.

A self-proclaimed renaissance man, Rocco takes time to enjoy all aspects of life. His motto, “He who hoots with the owl cannot soar with the eagle in the morning”.