SALES: 978-367-3655 SUPPORT: 978-250-8355 [email protected]

Over the past few months we have introduced you to support engineers, product managers, sales directors, and product engineers. This month we’re introducing you to a familiar voice in the Biscom world.

If anyone has called in on our support or main line you were likely greeted by the soft spoken and friendly tones of Vannary Yem. Vannary is our Support Administrator. She triages calls to our support line, manages tickets, updates databases, reviews service reports, all along with other administrative duties. (She admits that some days it’s more like herding cats.)

Vannary Yem

When with friends, she simply describes her job as answering the phone and routing support requests. For anyone who has called in with an urgent support request, her role is so much more. The level of organization she brings to keep track of the support caseload, the reassuring demeanor she offers to help a frustrated customer, and her energy and positivity all improve the support experience for our customers.

If you’ve noticed a theme that Biscom employees like working here because “It’s never boring” and “No two days are the same”, this particularly applies to Vannary. New questions come up that keep Vannary on her toes.

And while she’s hard-working, resourceful, and immensely self-sufficient, Vannary keeps the team energized with her adoration of all things cute including her oversized Hello Kitty plush and a deep affinity for the adorableness of pandas. She might want the superpower of being invisible, but her real power is the energy and enthusiasm she brings to her role and the team.